Transcript of Color Spotlight: Milk Tea-LR by Rene of Paris , 20th May 2020

June 06, 2020

Transcript of Color Spotlight:  Milk Tea-LR by Rene of Paris , 20th May 2020


Hi there, Wig Lover!  This is Heather from, and this is another short and sweet color spotlight.  This is of the Milk Tea-LR color from the Rene of Paris lines, and this is on their Nico wig.


I don't know why they call this an LR color, because it isn't particularly long-rooted.  It has more of a gradient root.  If you're familiar with, uh, the way that the lengths of the various rooting plays out -- at least on this Nico wig, that's how this is actually looking.

Before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to let you know that this particular season, any time you see this backdrop with the lights, and the beads, and all that stuff, just know I'm shooting with two different lighting schemes at once.  On top, you can see soft white bathroom lighting, and at the bottom of the wig, it is full-spectrum "beauty light."  So, um, in the middle, you're gonna get a mix of the two; on top it's gonna be a little warm, and on the bottom, it might even be a little bit cooler.  But just in case you wanna know what this color looks like in all lighting schemes, just pay attention to those areas of the hair.

I've seen this one also in a longer wig called Nakia, and . . . the color did not look particularly long-rooted in that wig, either.  So I'm gonna say that this probably does not really fit the definition that most of us are used to when we're talking about the LR colors from the Rene of Paris line.  They tend to be a little bit longer, like, the rooting will go down to, like, here before the rest of the color begins.  That is not the case with this Milk Tea-LR color.  But, that's . . . just . . . how it goes.

This color is basically a mushroom brown.  It's sort of like a, a cool light-to-medium gray, that has been blended with a light golden brown.  So you get a real definite blue undertone.  I mean it's not blue, but the undertone is blue.  So it's got a really true ash gray -- medium ash gray -- with a blue undertone, blended, almost 50/50, with a light golden brown.  And then that root that I was mentioning is a medium brown.  It's really pretty, and it's not too harsh up against the rest of the color.  It's blended the same all over.

So that's it.  This color does look a little bit differently, depending on the lighting, and the reason why is 'cause some light is bluer, some light is more, um . . . soft white, gold undertone.  I've got a little bit of all of the above in here to try to balance out the light.  But, uh, it's just . . . the kind of color this is.

But most of these more demure gray blends are going to be very difficult to photograph, so if your intention is to order one of these so you can show it on social media, make sure you've got your lighting down, and just showing it outside is not gonna be sufficient to get it consistent, because it's gonna look different outside than it does inside.

And speaking of reviewers: I'm Heather, the reviewer for this one.  And I am the co-owner-slash-founder of CysterWigs, which is  I spell it out in every video, because it's spelled weird.  I have PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome, it caused me to lose my hair, and I started a wig store because of it.  Please check that out if you feel like it, and I hope you have a really nice night!

Thanks for watching!  Buh-bye!