All About Annika, Artemis, and Aurora: 3 "Sister Wigs" from CysterWigs New Signature Line

November 29, 2019 2 Comments

All About Annika, Artemis, and Aurora: 3 is proud to announce three "sister" wigs from the NEW CysterWigs Signature Line.

"Sister Wigs" by

Our Signature Line is a series of wigs in identical cuts and colors that are styled differently. That way, you can effortlessly swap them out to change up your style without anyone knowing you're wearing a wig!

- Designed in the USA by Heather specifically for the clients of

- Made in Indonesia by the world's best synthetic medical monofilament wig factory

- Waves & Curls hand-set in USA by CysterWigs in-house stylist (we proudly pay a living wage, so this does increase the price a little compared to Annika

- Signature colors and styles based on the most popular products sold at

- Ultra-premium transparent Swiss lace on an artfully hand-tied lace front

- Premium cap finishes: felt on the ear tabs and nape, velcro adjusters in the back

- Baby fine hair denier mimics the appearance of natural European hair

Three identical sisters. Three different personalities. Annika is the smart CysterWig. Designed by Heather at, Annika and her sisters Aurora and Artemis feature 100% hand-tied monofilament tops and glueless contoured lace fronts that rival the best in the business. 

Annika by CysterWigs should look familiar to you. This beautiful style is a major cap upgrade to one of the most popular wigs in our store! Jump for joy over Jackson by Noriko? Swoon for Seduction by Mane Attraction or Tiffany by Henry Margu? Have you longed for a classic layered style without all the permatease? Ta-da! Let us introduce you to their swankier "sister style": Annika by CysterWigs Signature Collection.  Unlike those popular permateased favorites, our Annika is 100% permatease-free. She has natural hair density, courtesy of the 100% hand-tied monofilament top. This feature allows for multi-directional parting and extremely natural styling. 

Our "Cyster" Wig, Artemis, is named after one of the most famous sisters ever. Heather from CysterWigs personally designed one wig in three different styles: Annika (sleek & straight)Aurora (romantic curls), and Artemis (modern waves). All three styles have natural hair density and very natural volume, courtesy of the 100% hand-tied monofilament top. This feature allows for multi-directional parting and extremely natural styling.

Our Aurora is so enticing that she'll have you wooing princes and singing to small woodland creatures in no time. Let it go and rest assured that you're the fairest one of all, whether you're searching for true love under the sea, in an amazing chateau library, or on a magic carpet ride with your stunning taste in alternative hair fashion.

One of the most common questions we receive at is, "Which wig is the wavy version of this other wig?" We realized that our customers wanted the versatility of "Cyster" Wigs so they could wear the same style different ways in the same color. This inspired us to create our Signature Line of ultra-premium synthetic styles!

Click HERE to see Annika, The Smart One (the straight version of this style)

Click HERE to see Artemis, The Cool One (this wig with modern minimalist waves)

Click HERE to see Aurora, The Romantic One (this wig with romantic layered curls)

2 Responses

Melissa Youse
Melissa Youse

December 03, 2019

Just wanted to say how proud and happy I am to be one of the many “Cysterwigs sisters” out there and to see your passion and company grow leaps and bounds. I absolutely have fallen in love with your newest creations and wig line. To be honest I just purchased a wig from the UK that is definitely beautiful but if I had only been patient I would had to look no further than cysterwigs. These new cuts are so exquisitely beautiful and natural looking. And the colors are the most beautiful I’ve seen on any wig, anywhere! Heather you’ve really outdone yourself and I eagerly anticipate the next beautifully crafted creations you come up with. I’m certainly going to keep my eye on you! Well done my cyster, sister! 😍🤗💕😘

Luanne Schurman
Luanne Schurman

November 29, 2019

Congratulations on starting your own in-house wig line and offering new colors. I’ve been searching for a wig that ticks all my boxes since 2003, and I’m still at it. Wigs have come a long way over the past 10 years in terms of looking realistic. But having a 22.5" head circumference, preferring lots of volume on top of the cap, along with poker-straight, mid-length hair, while requiring a lace front on most styles, and at least a mono side part on all, has left me very frustrated.

If you decide to “upgrade” any more styles on the market, please choose Peppermint by BelleTress. I love her cut, but she doesn’t have enough hair on top of the cap to cover the wefts, while coming in only one color that appeals to me: Chrome─but they made it with a black mono part. So when I wear her, I look as though I’m going bald and that I have black ants scampering across my forehead from the course, black knotting and sparse amount of hair along the mono part line and front hairline.

My second recommendation is Raquel Welch’s On Point. She’s perfect, except for that godforsaken center part that is ruining so many of the new wigs that are coming out. (Yes, I can part the lace front to the side, but that doesn’t affect the egghead shape of this wig thanks to that hidious center part.) Thanks for reading.

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