Annika by CysterWigs Signature Line in Seabreeze Blonde Rooted by Kathleen

December 19, 2019

Annika by CysterWigs Signature Line in Seabreeze Blonde Rooted by Kathleen


Hi Folks Kathleen here with my review of Annika by CysterWigs Signature Line in the beautiful rooted and tipped color Seabreeze Blonde Rooted. I love this color  it’s so natural and believable. True story...the other day my hubby out of the blue said I like that one it looks like it could be your own hair..color and everything. This is a wig I need no makeup with. 😉  

This never happens but I love all the colors Heather offers in her Signature Line. I see getting a few of these....👏🏻 The packaging and goodies that are included with every CysterWigs Signature Line purchase are so special. The soft velvet wig grip and nylon wig cap are gifts that I can use and are very appreciated.

 Image 3 illustrates the high end cap construction and fine features. This lace front is soft. Annika has a full mono top. Some mono tops only go back about three quarters of the way and then there is a section of permatease. Not with Annika and CysterWigs Signature Line. 

Image 4 is a closeup of the gorgeous lace front and nicely done mono top. The parting space is neither too dense nor too sparse....ahh just right. This is also a good illustration of how the lighter blonde is knotted into the hairline. Very well done.  

 The density is so believable on Annika. Her hair fibers are baby fine and there is plenty of hair so no worries about any wefts showing. This is my second Annika and I love her. A casual style with just a slight wave to her. Not poker straighter so really very wearable for everybody.

 Look at the layering in image 6 it’s perfection. Her front is 6”-7” and is easily incorporated into the sides. Sometimes bangs are very thick but not this fringe. It’s very wispy. The sides measure 9”-13” and is heavily layered. The length hits me just past my collar bone. For reference I’m 5’5”.  

 The bottom is wispy as well. I have worn Annika all day and I honestly forget I am wearing a wig. A typical wig wearing day for me is  8:00 am to 12:00 pm. so a long day.  Annika is an average cap size with plenty of stretch. She’s a bit big on me but after I take in the nape adjusters she fits fine. So yes I would say this cap is very comfortable. 😉

 The nape measures 8.25”.  An easy to wear length. She seems so light at 3.75 oz.

 I love this color Seabreeze Blonde Rooted. This is a beautiful blonde. Well balanced with a light brown root. Medium and dark brown roots can look too harsh sometimes with blonde colors. The transition into the warm medium honey blonde base shade is done so well. I love the lighter tips. They aren’t white but a pretty light champagne blonde. Very tastefully done.

 I tend to sweep my hair back away from my face and with these feathery light face framing layers I can. The front isn't super heavy and thick so no face flopping hair in your face. 

 Image 12 gives you an idea how adorable and easy it will be to put Annika in an easy updo. Super cute this way.

 The wispy layered ends are so pretty. Notice the natural sleek profile. Since Annika has no permatease to speak of there is no “bump” at the crown. 

 The monofilament features on Annika are outstanding as is illustrated in image 14.  Notice the nice deep part on her. She has natural density and Seabreeze Blonde Rooted is such a realistic color that honestly it simply doesn't get any better than that  ☺️

 So if you are looking for a longer mid length wig with styling versatility no permatease baby fine fibers realistic density with an impeccable lace front & mono top in a realistic color than I highly recommend Annika in Seabreeze Blonde Rooted. 


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