Aurora by CysterWigs Signature Line in Creme Anglaise by Kathleen

December 12, 2019

Aurora by CysterWigs Signature Line  in Creme Anglaise by Kathleen

Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Aurora from CysterWigs Signature Line I love Heather's concept of “Cyster” wigs. Annika The Smart Sister Artemis The Cool Sister & last but not least Aurora The Romantic Sister. I love this one. A beautiful romantically curled mid length style. Heather you truly listened to your customers requests...Bravo!👏🏻

When I received this box I thought what could it be? I didn’t order anything. Thank you Heather! 👏🏻 CysterWigs Signature Line comes in a beautiful black box with rose gold metallic lettering with CysterWigs MoonKitty logo and name on it. The paper has CysterWigs MoonKitty logo all over it as well. Classy & approachable. To the handwritten thank you card and introduction to CysterWigs Signature Line to the beautiful Aurora herself everything just blew me away and made me feel very special. 

 I was surprised again when I looked further. I received as a gift from CysterWigs for trying their new line a soft velvet wig grip and nylon wig cap. These are very thoughtful gifts. The entire presentation was so beautiful I couldn't wait to try on Aurora.

      Aurora was packed very securely. My first impression was oh such soft light airy fibers. The curl pattern is indeed romantic and this color Creme Anglaise is soft dynamic and beautiful. I fiddled with her front a little by re-twirling some curls. That’s me though she was perfect right out of the box. In image 3 I have her 6-7” front lightly swept off to the side. For fringe lovers you can easily trim a shorter bang on her. 

 If you are just getting used to wearing longer hair you might try an easy simple updo.

 Image 5 illustrates how I wear her most of the time. I pull out the sides and front. Then I twist the rest of her hair into a small pony tail and use a little claw clip. This way you can see the twist. If you would like a neater appearance pull more hair back and use a larger claw clip. 

Here is a side view of Aurora in image 6. She is very layered especially the sides & front. The sides measure 9-13”. Her density is very realistic with her curls providing her volume. There is very little permatease on Aurora. 

 I love her overall length that just hits around my collar bone  Note: Since Aurora is curled she will appear a little shorter than her “Cyster” wigs Annika and Artemis. 

 The crown measures 9” I love her layers. 

 The back measures 13-14” and the nape is 8.25” The curls are very soft and her hair fibers even feel real. Granted she is new but I could run my fingers through her...even at the nape without tangling. To keep her from future tangles I recommend using a wig safe silicone spray ( I like Envy’s Renu & Repair and Simply Stylin) on the underside of the nape and ends after each use. 

 This color Creme Anglaise is described as a medium cool natural blonde with pale vanilla blonde highlights. What that means to me is she has cool and warms a balanced color which makes her overall a neutral blonde. Her highlights are fairly dramatic but she doesn't have that striped look you see sometimes because the blondes used in this color are fairly close together in value ( how light or dark a color is). Creme Anglaise looks like you had your natural blonde hair professionally highlighted. It’s a very soft and pretty color. 

 Lets take a look at her lace front illustrated in image 11. Yes it’s that good and so is her mono top. The knots are very tiny and the spacing is well done.  Another thing I really love about her lace front is it was trimmed very close to the hairline. I almost always have to trim extra lace off my wigs. Not with Aurora. This closely trimmed lace front adds to her believability....well done ! 👏🏻

 I highly recommend Aurora by CysterWigs Signature Line. I adore her. Enjoy. 🙋

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