Avril by TressAllure in Natural Irish Copper - by Kathleen

October 31, 2019 3 Comments

Avril by TressAllure in Natural Irish Copper - by Kathleen

Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Avril by TressAllure in Natural Irish Copper. A mid-length hand tied cap lace front and double monofilament top wig with a easy going curl pattern.  

    There is also a section of polyurethane at the front hairline and at the nape. Adhesives and tape can be applied here for security. The double mono top is very soft and will give the illusion that hair is growing from your head. Soft covered ear tabs with sturdy metal stays add more fit security. The nape is slightly extended with two more metal stays ( these stays are sandwiched between the soft felt material that is used) Although predominantly a hand tied wig there are six machine made wefts on the back of the wig at the nape. There is permatease at the nape to support the style.

   TIP: When putting on your wig make sure the ear tabs are level  
from side to side    
The side coverage is excellent on Avril. That is important for me personally because I hardly never wear wigs that match my bio hair. 😉
                    TIP: Not sure how far back to put your wig? Use the four finger rule. Take four fingers ( yup that’s right all but your your thumb ) put your fingers together and place them on your eye brow area...where the top of your hand lays is approximately where your wig should rest.

Avril has a beautiful super relaxed spiral curl with the ends of the curls pointing down. This is a casual wave as illustrated by image 5.

              The nape is around 6.5” a very flattering and wearable length. She is slightly layered but is pretty much the same length all the way around.

          Take a look at the parting space in image 7 beautiful huh? The double mono top looks amazing. One thing I love about a mono top is the versatility. I can part her any which way and she looks great.
                               TIP: ( If you have bio hair ) I placed a piece of flesh toned silicone medical tape where I parted her to obscure the line between the double mono top and lace front.

  Image 8 illustrates the shorter layers in the front and the built in bump at the crown. I love this profile.

  The cap is an average size. I have an aver/petite head and she fit me very well. I almost always have some bunching over my ears and on Avril I did not. She’s not snug but I’m not sure if she would fit a large head. Hand tied caps in general don't have a lot of stretch to them.

  The color Natural Irish Copper is the most natural looking red I have seen. If you want a true Irish red this is it. By the way the name describes this color perfectly. I love my reds and this is my new favorite. A naturally blended color. No one will think you had your hair dyed they’ll think you were born with it. 😉 

Image 11 is an accurate color photo that illustrates how beautiful this color is.

    Lets talk density. I would say Avril has average density. Very well done and realistic. The volume comes from the hairs texture.

She is not so dense that you can’t put her to the side and have the hair stay out of your face. What helps keep her tame is the soft layering in the front. The texture helps keep her out of your face. She isn’t a face flopper.

          The lace front is well done but perhaps different than you are used to. This is standard lace not the slightly stiff type of lace we are used to on Jon Renau and Rachel Welch wigs for example. The holes aren't as tiny so even though the knots are well done ( small & tightly knotted) the spacing is a little more uniform than I prefer. One big advantage to this lace is it’s soft. I am appreciating this soft lace more & more each time I wear her. If you can’t tolerate lace fronts you might have luck with Avril. I wore her for about 16 hours the first time I wore her and had no itching at all. This cap is very comfortable

                    The biggest pro in my opinion are these hair fibers. Right out of the box they had none of that wiggy shine and were soft but not super silky. Honestly if you had asked me if this was a human hair wig or a synthetic wig I would have said human. It’s that realistic. Some of these photos were taken in bright sunlight and all my photos came out well. I might have washed out but Avril did not. Even to the touch these fibers feel real. I cannot express how impressed I am. Hands down the nicest ones I have experienced to date. So if you are that person that always adds dry shampoo or gets HF wigs because you hate the shine of wigs you will be impressed with this one. ☺

            Avril....if you want dream hair in a gorgeous Natural Irish Copper color. A flattering mid length style with beautiful soft relaxed curl..comfy hand tied cap and the most realistic synthetic hair you have ever seen for a very reasonable price then you might want to give Avril a shot. I love her..enjoy!

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November 04, 2019

Hi Denise you’ll love it…any questions feel to ask. Check out Heathers youtube review showing all the colors too. That will help you with color :-) -Best Kathleen

Nick Dietz
Nick Dietz

November 01, 2019

you can find it by searching Avril on our site, Denise :) It is now live and listed as of today.


November 01, 2019

Based on the positive review by Kathleen in this blog I’m interested in checking out the Avril wig by TressAllure possibly in another color but can’t find it anywhere online. Can you advise where I can find it? Thank you.

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