Dr.Moon Kitty 4: Meet Dr.Moon Kitty

November 01, 2019

Who is Dr.Moon Kitty?

M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy/Systems Therapy

Doctoral Candidate in Counseling and Human Development

Dr. Moon Kitty here! I’m thrilled to be joining the staff of Cysterwigs in order to bring you, the wig lovers of the world, joy, peace of mind, or maybe a little laughter about stuff that can be weird, painful, or just downright interesting to talk about.  In this column, I will pick a letter every week to discuss from you, the customers! While I do have a bunch of letters near my name that says I got some degrees and stuff, you can consider me your go-to Cysterwigs point girl for concerns or issues (of a *ahem* perhaps personal ((but not too personal because let’s not forget that we exist in an online world here)) nature).  

More about me…I live in beautiful Georgia and spend my time working with community and college groups in order to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the current stigma we have happening concerning, ya know…anything negative or sad…or….upsetting (Let’s face it—the world isn’t great about talking about mental health issues…or any issues, really).   I’m about *counting toes* six hopeful months away from being officially DR. Moon Kitty, and couldn’t be more happy about being given license to extend my plan of WORLD DOM---I mean, world peace. Also, just as a reference (and so you know I’m trustworthy), here’s a picture of my cat, Diddo:  

Are you thinking he’s super suave and looks well-cared for? Then yes, you are correct.  It’s orange. He’s fabulous. And he knows how to simultaneously lie about not being fed and stuff his face. It’s a talent, really. 

So Dr. Moon Kitty is here at your service. I’ll start picking out a letter a week in the following weeks. All you need to do is send them to support@cysterwigs.com and I will respond with the most wit, compassion, and knowledge that my ‘ten years studying mental health and thirty-five years on the planet’ self can muster!  On my way out the proverbial cat-door, have a positive, patient, and loving look at yourself today, and tell yourself that YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Until then, Dr. Moon Kitty, signing off. 

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