Fresh Chic by Gabor in Champagne Blonde GL613/88SS by Kathleen

November 14, 2019

Fresh Chic by Gabor in Champagne Blonde GL613/88SS by Kathleen

Hi, folks Kathleen here with my review on Gabors' new  Fresh Chic along with color and style comparisons.

I knew I would love this one as soon as I saw her and I do I really enjoy Fresh Chic. Gabor had a style called Tousled (discontinued) that I loved and to me, this was a combination between Tousled ( discontinued) and Sweet Talk. I am a fan of lightly rooted blondes and their new Champagne Blonde GL613/88SS is a beauty as well.

            Fresh out of the box Fresh Chic is a bit shiny but nothing some talcum powder dry shampoo or a light wash won’t take care of. As a matter of fact, unless I want to wear a wig right away I wait a bit before I do anything to her. The process of playing/styling my new wig with my hands is usually enough to wear off some of the factory coatings so it just looks like healthy hair.

  This is Fresh Chic right out of the box..yikes right?

Don't panic this is normal. Wigs can get quite compressed when they are in their boxes. Before I plopped Fresh Chic on my head I checked her out.

I examined the lace front and mono part and I could see it was gorgeous.✔️

I loved the color and the root ✔️

Then I check the construction of the cap. Any broken wefts etc. How do the transitions from lace to cap look at the temple area? All well done ✔️

Once I am satisfied with the color and quality of my wig then I try her on. Does she fit? At least well enough once I take in the adjusters and yes Fresh Chic fit nicely.✔️

Gabor wigs fit a little big but never so big I can’t wear them. I have an aver/petite head....for reference my head measurements are listed at the end of this article.

    The lace front is amazing on Fresh Chic. Granted this is a very pale blonde but still very nice. The knots are beautifully spaced and tiny. I personally think Gabor lace fronts are underrated. You would think with all this curl/texture you wouldn't be able to see a parting space but this was also well done as illustrated in image 4. This photo was taken outdoors in indirect natural light and the color of the roots is very soft and natural. Not at all garish or brassy. I would say they are a neutral/natural dark blonde/very light brown.  

  The wave/ curl pattern is so pretty. Not fully formed spiral curls. The length is so easy to wear

        Image 6 illustrates her volume and gorgeous waves. There is permatease..none of it shows and is there only to support this curl pattern. The bangs are a perfect length for me. You can wear them down or brush them to the side. Try brushing them off your face completely to showcase this lace front. There are endless style possibilities.

I love the back. It has a nice amount of wave and is certainly long enough to cover any nape hair you may have.

  This color Champagne Blonde GL613/88SS shown in image 8 in diffused natural light.

You can see she is warm platinum or towhead blonde with very soft light neutral roots. This is the color she will look like most of the time in normal indoor light / lower lighting conditions.

    Image 9 illustrates this color in indirect sunlight...warm but not yellow or brassy. I love that the root is short.

    Image 10 illustrates how pale Champagne Blonde is when compared with Glazed Vanilla by Raquel Welch.

    When I first saw the color Champagne Blonde it reminded me of Silky Sand by TressAllure. So I was surprised when I did a side by side comparison. Champagne Blonde is much lighter with a much lighter root color. Silky Sand is more of a light beige blonde.

  Image 12 illustrates Ellen Willes Pastel Blonde Mix side by side with Champagne Blonde. Though similar in value Pastel Blonde Mix had more beige or “neutral” tones.

        I couldn't wait to compare Sweet Talk and Fresh Chic.  

From the front they look pretty similar, don't they? I thought so too. The main difference is Fresh Chic has a shorter front/bang/fringe of 4” vs 7” on Sweet Talk. The funny thing is I trimmed the bangs on my Sweet Talk to around 5” so it’s even closer to Fresh Chic visually.


Although the curl pattern is very similar on both of these wigs the ends taper or thins out slightly on Fresh Chic. Because of this Fresh Chic won’t look as dense or heavy as Sweet Talk.

      In this side view ( image 14) comparison you’ll see the biggest difference between these two styles. Hmm interesting that their side measurements are so close. That’s because the back which you can clearly see in this image is where these two styles really differ.

The back of Fresh Chic is a couple of inches shorter than Sweet Talk. It is slightly stacked and to me looks like you took your curly bob Sweet Talk and trimmed up the back and nape. Even easier to wear and for folks who were afraid Sweet Talk might be too much hair but want a similar feel Fresh Chic is a wonderful choice.

The nape on Fresh Chic is a little shorter but at 2.5” is still long enough to cover your bio hair even for folks who have low hairlines in the me


I love both these styles and to me, they are wonderful sister styles.
    Fresh Chic is aptly named and has just the right amount of curl exquisitely done lace front and mono part and endless styling possibilities. I love this one and see other colors in my future....enjoy! 🙋

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