High Society by Gabor Review by Kathleen

October 24, 2019

High Society by Gabor Review by Kathleen

Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of High Society by Gabor in their new gorgeous color Champagne Blonde. I love this bouncy bob. She is chin length which I find to be a very flattering. Image 1 showcases this gorgeous color and beautifully done root. Such a beautiful wig and one of my favorites. This is not however how she looked right out of the box. 😉 I will tell you what I did to get her from a ho hum bob right out of the box to this beauty.

      She is pretty much the same length all the way around with no fringe to speak of. The nape is only 3.5” long enough to cover any bio hair but not long enough to get all tangly and frizzy from friction. With sweater and coat weather approaching that’s good news to me.

  Look at image 3. Now that is a beautifully packaged wig.

TIP: Take photos when your wig arrives in case you want to return her (don’t rely on your memory) in your excitement you will forget how your wig came packaged.

  Your wig will arrive with a zig-zag part. If you think you might return her don’t change it. I knew right off the bat I was keeping her.

            Image 5 illustrates how High Society looks right out of the box. I didn't shake her or fluff her in any way. She looks so flat...and perhaps even longer on one side? I don't know but overall I loved the color, length, construction, lace front and feel of her.

                Here is a little video of my initial re parting of High Society and a bit of fluff. She looks better already don't you think.

One thing I like about a lace front mono part combo is the continuous piece of lace....no seam between the lace front and mono part. If a wig has permatease I prefer this kind of construction with it encased in rose lace as image 7 illustrates.

        This lace front is amazingly realistic looking. You might notice the mono part looks a bit darker ( this is flesh-colored soft silicone medical tape I apply to the parting area on my wigs to give the illusion of hair growing from my head ) I have always been happy with Gabor lace fronts and mono features and High Society is no exception. Beautiful.

  Now how did I get her to look so fluffed up?

1) I shook her several times. 2) I took my fingers and holding her so she is upside down I combed my fingers through her. 3) I took my fingers and “woke “ up the permatease by making circular motions to find all the permatease and then flicking my fingers to get it fluffed up. ( she was flattened/ compressed from sitting in a box for who knows how long) 4) I also took my hot airbrush ( the all-plastic kind w/plastic vs standard bristles) and reshaped her ( so both sides were even) & I also gave her some volume at the crown.

  The root of this blonde is a soft light brown/ dark blonde. I would say it’s a #14 which is my favorite root for very light blondes. Champagne With Apple Pie by BelleTress, Nordic Ash Blonde & Danish Blonde Root on CysterWigs a Euroline all have #14 roots. In my opinion more believable and pleasing to the eye than the high contrast of a darker root.

    I love the round shape of High society. I have an oblong face so I like some volume on the sides of my face for balance. This is a perfect bob shape and length for me. The length also helps hide my turkey neck..lol 🤪

I really love the side sweep of her. You can flip it forward or flip it back as I illustrated in image 12.

The fit on High Society is generous. The cap fits like an average but the circumference is bigger than average in my opinion. If I take in the adjusters it fits well enough for me. If you have an average to large circumference but all your other measurements are average High Society will fit you like a dream. I have an aver/ petite head and I found the lace front didn't lay very well. I have been using it stays along my front hairline which works like a dream. I intend on taking in the lace-like Heather demonstrates in this tutorial. Then the lace will lay flat on the days I don't use it stays.

    GL613/88SS: CHAMPAGNE BLONDE Oh how I love this color. A real towhead blonde. Almost platinum..with some warmth. Not garish or yellow. Described as having light brown roots on a warm blonde blend of medium golden honey blonde & palest gold blonde. The root is short and transitions seamlessly into the body color. I have a neutral complexion that leans warm and I love this color. Note: Laguna Blonde by Jon Renau is similar but has more visible gold blonde and a much darker root.

Images 15-18 illustrate this gorgeous color in natural light from my kitchen windows. Isn't this a beautiful blonde? ♥️

One of the reasons I love this color is the root. As you all know it’s so hard to photograph root colors accurately. Shadowing usually makes it look darker than it really is. Image 19 illustrates how light & short the root is. The color is natural light brown or dark blonde I think it’s perfection....ps. My false lashes are crazy long aren't they..lol 🤪

  I love the shape cut & length of the back. There will be no rubbing on collars or coats etc. so I expect this wig to last a long time. The fibers are finer in denier than my other Gabor wigs and the density on High Society is natural. The movement is beautiful.

    If you love bobs and are looking for a chin-length classic beauty with an impeccable lace front and mono part in an array of beautiful colors than I think you’ll love High Society. I highly recommend this style and color Champagne Blonde....it’s a beauty. Enjoy!

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