I need help with the Raquel Auburns!

March 25, 2020

I need help with the Raquel Auburns!

From a customer e-mail:

Over the weekend I ordered both the RW Upstage and the RW Crowd Pleaser in a color which I have never seen in a wig before - RL30/27 Rusty Auburn.

Here is where I would really appreciate your advice:  Does Rusty Auburn have any brunette tones or have I made a huge mistake and need to exchange colors?

I think you might be okay.  The True2Life #30 (the darker color in the Rusty Auburn) is kind of like a reddish brown blended up with a medium auburn, so it isn’t a straight #30.  It’s a little more dynamic than that.  I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a brunette shade, but it definitely has some brunette elements in the mix, kind of like the hint of auburn brown hiding in the #29 in that’s in the Golden Russet.  It’s subtle, but it’s in there.  :)

And are there other colors that blend with brunette that you might suggest, whether or not they are heat-friendly?  You definitely know and appreciate reds, and your color advice has been perfect for me so far!

All of the True2Life reds are amazing.  I love the Deepest Ruby, for example, and the Cinnabar is also very pretty.  I recommend giving those a thought for autumn.  They look amazing that time of year, and they also have that hint of auburn brown mixed in.  (I think they all do in the T2L fiber.)

In the non-T2L fiber it is a different ballgame.  Those colors tend to be a little less dynamic. 

SS30/28 Shadow Shade Spice has a lot of colors going on, including two shades of medium auburn and a soft brunette.

SS29 Shadow Shades Glazed Strawberry is very pretty, very dynamic, and has subtle hints of brown thrown into the mix.

SS11/29 Shadow Shades Nutmeg is an underrated treasure of a color!  I LOVE this color!  It’s got a little something for everyone while still looking very natural, and it has a little brunette with the copper!

R6/28H Coppery Mink is surprisingly RED for a brunette shade.  Unlike the Chocolate Copper (R6/30H), this one has an intense true red (not copper or auburn) highlight.

R3329S Glazed Auburn is a lovely, highly dynamic auburn with quite a bit of dark auburn brown mixed in for flavor. 

I hope that helps a bit!  :)

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