Infographic: Top Wave 12" Topper by Jon Renau, Color: Hot Fudge (1B) & Brownie Finale (4)

December 04, 2019 1 Comment

Infographic: Top Wave 12

Hey y'all! I wanted to share with you some pictures of my favorite Jon Renau topper - the Top Wave 12". I don't wear hair when I'm in the house so I usually just put on a shake & go wig or quickly clip on a topper when it's time to drop off and pick up my kids from school. I haven't cut or buzzed my hair down in over a year so these medical grade wigs don't fit as securely as they use to. So I'm back into toppers again.   When I first received her, I was honestly quite surprised with the amount of permatease. But ladies, Top Wave will give you the soft waves and volume that's so on trend.


With the exception of the small easiPart, the Jon Renau toppers I have come in the black box.


This is the Brownie Finale with the tags cut off. See all that permatease?
Here's the Hot Fudge with tags still intact.
There's even hair in the front that are teased like.
Here's a better look at the teased like hair (not exactly permatease) even on the monofilament.
Permatease on the small open wefts.
Brownie Finale (4) on left, Hot Fudge (1B) on right
Brownie Finale (4) on left, Hot Fudge (1B) on right with more direct sunlight
Hot Fudge (1B)
Brownie Finale (4)My bio hair is closer to a 2 so both of these colors are not an exact match. So between the two colors, I prefer going lighter with the Brownie Finale. My husband says the 1B looks like a true synthetic. And you know what, my bio hair isn't as long as the topper and it still works for me.

Product Listing: Top Wave 12" by Jon Renau

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TINA Mendez
TINA Mendez

December 06, 2019

Wow I would have NVR thought you were wearing a wig!u look beautiful!;)so rock that look&know that for any woman wearing a wig it’s really hard to learn to balance what we want and what we need!but to see pics of real ladies going thru same issue for all different reasons it’s a reminder that a wig worn correctly can enhanse your own beauty&when you look great on the outside you feel good inside!so thanx for sharing your pics&honest reviews

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