My Wig Journey And What I've Learned

November 28, 2019

My Wig Journey And What I've Learned

Hi folks Kathleen here with my personal wig journey. I was once a “Wig Newbie” like you. I struggled with what wig to purchase how to care for it and most importantly will I ever feel like me while wearing a wig? When I decided to try a wig again ( I had tried 20 + years earlier with disastrous results. I turned to youtube. I was lucky to find Heather and CysterWigs right off the bat. I devoured her videos. I found CysterWigs on Facebook and messaged Heather. She was so patient with me and so understanding. I was off to a great start. 

I always had short hair with the exception of a few years in my youth when I tried to grow my hair long. I was the pixie, Queen. I was always a blonde both naturally and beginning in high school from hair-dye.  I was told I should choose a first wig that is close to your own style and color. In one of Heather's videos she suggests not getting a wig with any monofilament features. Lace fronts especially. Soon after looking through her website, I chose Evan by Jon Renau in the color 22F16 Blonde Brownie. (Evan is no longe4 available)


When I first received her I thought no way this looks so looks like doll hair and is sooooo thick. My hair has always been baby fine & stick straight. I was determined to wear her though. If you check out photos of my Evan you might think hmmm this doesn't look like Evan. Well, that’s because I thinned the bangs to an inch of her Any more and you would have seen wefts. Btw I didn't have thinning shears back then. I honestly don't remember what I did but she hardly has any bangs now. I tried dry shampoo on her for the shine which made her white. Obviously I didn't shake the can enough and used too much. I had to wash her. I had ordered the Jon Renau starter kit which was a good idea to try products. Today I use a scant amount of fabric softener in a sink of cold water. I also don't use products on my wigs..a little silicone spray but that's it. I keep it simple. 

Remember I said Heather suggested not purchasing the first wig with monofilament features? Well, of course, being a stubborn Taurus I did. Evan has a beautiful lace front and a mono crown ( a small crescent shape at the crown where your hair would naturally grow and pivot..this adds a nice touch of realism) 

The first few times I wore her she itched so bad I  thought I might have to give up the idea of wearing a wig.  I thought I would scratch the skin clean off my forehead. The extreme itch was unbearable. I always knew I had sensitive skin but wow this was too much. I didn't reach out to CW CCHD which was a mistake.   Instead, I wore her for about four hours that first time. The next day she still itched but surprisingly not as badly. By the fourth day, I could wear her with no problem. It takes a while for your brain to get used to this feeling.  If your lace front is itching badly try moving your wig back a smidge. If you raise your eyebrows and your lace front moves it's not back far enough. Movement causes itching. You can also use adhesives or tape designed for wigs on your front hairline. This will prevent movement and shifting.


Image 5 shows me today in my Evan. I enjoyed her but felt I needed a warmer color. I had been dying my hair blonde for so many years I thought nows the time to try something new. 

I also wanted to try something long..yes you heard me right..long. Enter the first wig that made me feel like me. This was a turning point in y wig journey. You know that feeling’s the best. PushUp by Ellen Wille in Cognac Rooted. It was a lot of hair for me but I loved all the layers and texture. The color was dynamic with a lot of warmth. She had a mono crown no lace front and was very comfy. My head is on the small side and Ellen Wille wigs are supposed to fit on the small side of average. This Push Up was pretty roomy.  I loved her so much I purchased another in a blonde that fit much smaller. In doing so I was learned about the inconsistencies in styles and color within brands. 

 I remember thinking this was the hair I should have been born with. The volume balanced out my small head and didn't make my face look so “full”.

I grew up thinking I had a big head because I had a big face ( big features fat cheeks etc.)  I was amazed to find out through measurements that my actual head was small.  

The length was long enough to hide any bio hair that I was too lazy to tuck away. The flippy ends were adorable. It’s a funny thing how one gets used to seeing yourself a certain way. Before long I was thinking hmmm maybe I could go even longer and redder? My Evan was my tricycle and Push Up had training wheels. It was time to take the training wheels off. 


 Look at this nape. I forgot how adorable this style is. 


Me today in Push Up the first wig I felt comfortable in. Still, love it. 

So I am ready to try something even longer especially on the sides. I watched all of Heather's videos and came upon Voltage. Voltage was my first bike without training wheels so to  This is one of Raquel Welch’s most poplar styles even today. I’m Irish and have a family with red hair and always wanted red hair. Glazed Fire by Raquel Welch is red. A true beautiful Irish red. This is the color that started my love affair with reds. When I saw this color in the box my heart went pitter-patter. I couldn't wait to try her on. I still remember the feeling of ahhhh I love this color and style. 

The sides and sideburn areas were just a bit longer than Push Up. I felt she flattered my face more. I put on makeup ( something I hadn't done in years)   

went outside to show my hubby. I still remember his face..his expression said everything..this was me. He says it was my confidence more than anything that made him smile. Confidence a word I hadn't used to describe myself and my appearance...ever.  ️ This was a major turning point in my wig journey. This is when I started to relax and have fun. It doesn't happen overnight.  It’s a process and everyone has their own timetable but for me, it took several wigs before I felt at ease & comfortable...myself..only better. I was happy. 

This color is gorgeous just gorgeous. 

Me and Voltage today...I still love her and wear her.  All these wig selfies are without makeup because this is me most days. 

Fast forward to today. I am still experimenting with color length style etc. but the wig that I feel flatters me most both in style and color is Carlotta SF by CysterWigs EUROLINE in Paprika Mix. My ten-speed bike of wigs and wearable for every day.  I still love my pixies and always will but if I were honest with myself the mid-length tousled soft curl/ wave look is where I am most comfortable today. 

Btw my first Carlotta SF was in Swedish Blonde Root and at the time I felt she was too long. I wasn't ready yet so she found a new home. I wish I had kept her she was a beautiful wig and a beautiful color. 

I have found that a 4” nape is my sweet spot. No matter the style if the nape is 4” I’ll love her.  

Paprika Mix is a beautiful Irish red with warmer highlights in the front. I love this color. 

Here I am wearing  Carlotta SF by CysterWigs EUROLINE in Paprika Mix. A mid-length beach wave style with an impeccable lace front & mono part ( not all monofilament features are created equal and CysterWigs EUROLINE has the best in my opinion). From a blonde pixie to a mid-length red wig. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I’d be wearing long red wigs and enjoying them. I never go a day without wearing a wig because I am so happy. Take it from me you’ll get to this’s a process with your own timetable... it's not a race. I highly recommend watching Heather's videos they are my library and go to. Reach out to our CCHD ( client care help desk ) they are the best in the business and most of all....have fun & enjoy! 


Kathleen Ryan B.F.A.

CysterWigs Blogger extraordinaire and 

Moderator for Moon Kitty Mix Up


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