Revitalizing A Wig With Curl - by Kathleen

November 06, 2019

Revitalizing A Wig With Curl - by Kathleen

                  So you have a wig with wave/ curl that has seen better days. She’s dry the ends are starting to frizz and you can’t run your fingers through her.
Wigs age even if we don't wear don't wait for that special occasion wear your favorite wig today. 😉
                     Image one illustrates the “after” of my Autumn by Estetica.
It’s soft the curls are bouncy and the ends look nearly new. Fortunately it’s easy to do.

    This is my Autumn by Estetica in the pretty natural light auburn R30/28/26.

I would say she looks like new now...well better than new because when I first received her I did trim her long front pieces to create a bob that fits my face better as well.


            Image 3 illustrates the “before”.

Well When I first started revitalizing her I didn't know if it would work. I though heh ho I don't wear her anymore anyway so what do I have to lose right? I worked on the nape and thought wow this is fun and easy and it’s working! I had to document and share this procedure with all of my Wig Cysters.

  Images 4-7 are my customized Autumn by Estetica in R30/28/26 after I successfully revitalized her.

  Here is what I used to bring Autumn back to life.
1) A canvas wig head
2) Silicone spray ( I have been loving Envy Renu & Repair of late but Simply Stylin works beautifully as well)
3) Duckbill clips ( to set the curls)
4) T-pins ( I stick one through each ear tab and one in the nape)
5) A wide-tooth comb
6) A non- ceramic/ metal hot airbrush ( all plastic)
Tap the video then tap the youtube in a text ( it’ll pop open on youtube) then tap the lower right-hand screen to enlarge.

My secret weapon so to speak is the use of silicone spray. I love Envy Renu & Repair it is made specifically for wigs and has a pleasant scent.

I can not stand smells and even though this one isn't supposed to have a fragrance to me it just smells fresh and it’s very light.

In this first video I demonstrate how dry and tangly the fibers are. You can see the improvement just by using the silicone spray on a section of hair before I even use my hot air brush on it. My theory is the warmth of the air coupled with the brush helps the oil coat the fibers. I have experimented using water instead of silicone oil and using nothing at all and have gotten the best results using silicone oil.

Taking a small section of hair and move the HAB in the direction & shape of the curl. Take it slow and keep moving the brush. You want to keep going over this section of hair until the brush goes through the fibers easily. Then wind the fibers around the brush. I have experimented on how long to hold the brush in this position while on and have found 15-20 seconds works well. Then turn off the HAB and wait another 15-20 seconds before unwinding
(releasing) the brush.
Don't get too close to the base of the wig when winding the fibers around the brush into a curl it might get tangled. Don't panic if this happens untangle the hair in the brush a little at a time and start over.
If your wig hair keeps getting tangled when you go to unwind the brush / release the hair try using the brush longer. Spray a bit more Silicone Spray on the section of hair you are working on as well (sometimes it takes many passes before the fibers are soft and silky enough not to tangle)

    After you have counted 15-20 seconds unwind /release the brush. See how soft and smooth the fibers are now. Your brush should unwind/release this easily. While the fibers are still warm take the curl and reform it.

Look at this perfect ringlet.


Some areas will be “crunchier” than others and require extra attention on the ends. I use more Envy Renu & Repair on those ends and focus on them until they are as smooth as the rest of that section of hair you just worked on. How long will that take? It depends but for reference I spent about a minute on this section.
If it is taking awhile to get a section of hair nice and smooth.
Stop and spray some more Envy Renu & Repair ( or your preferred silicone oil available on CysterWigs site.)
This will help get those fibers smooth and frizz free.

          Since I wanted extra curl after I worked on a section I formed the curl and used a duck bill clip to keep it in place until the hair was completely cooled off.

  Image 13 illustrates how beautiful this wig came out. The fibers are smooth and silky and you can run your fingers through it with ease.

Estetica has wonderful monofilament features. This mono part looks beautiful.

And to think I wasn't even wearing this wig. I love it more now than when I first received her and customized her. Using the HAB I put some more curl in her especially on one side that was straighter than I’d like. The key aside from using silicone oil is to use a HAB that is made out of plastic. That way it won’t get too hot. I can touch the brush throughout this process without burning myself. Remember Autumn is a regular synthetic wig not heat friendly. I would never use a curling iron or flat iron on a non heat friendly wig.

  Image 16 illustrates the back and nape of Autumn. I can run my fingers through the nape with ease now. Look at those curls..scrumptious.

This color is dynamic and beautiful. A soft ginger/ light auburn.

      This was an experiment that worked better than I could imagine. I love my “new” Autumn now. If you have any further questions feel free to leave me questions in the comments...enjoy!  
              Remember to tap this video illustrating a 360 view twice. Once to open it up in youtube and once on the lower right hand side of the screen to enlarge it. Take note of how bouncy these curls are now.

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