Taking A Good Selfie Isn't Hard

October 17, 2019

Taking A Good Selfie Isn't Hard

I decided to start off by sharing with you three basic selfie views sans makeup or a wig...to make a point..you’re beautiful w/wo 😉 Take note of the lack of extreme lighting so there are very little cast shadows. This sort of lighting is also great for color accuracy. I held my ipad straight out ( arms extended )in front of my face with my ipad tilted forward just a tad..almost perpendicular. Fyi...I took these photos on an overcast morning on my covered deck.
So here is my very simple beginners 101 guide and tips for taking selfies. This is not about filters and programs to alter our photos. That’s a whole other ball of wax...😉 

The biggest question is..where the heck do I look? After you tap your camera/ photo on your iphone or ipad...you’ll see the camera icon...tap that..now your camera is facing you..say hi🙋. That’s the first most important step. You're ready to take a selfie.

If you look at yourself when taking a selfie your eyes will be looking down in your photos..if you look at the camera your eyes will be looking at the viewer in your photos. Once you get comfortable taking selfies while looking into the camera you can get creative .

So in selfie mode ( I have a photo of me on my screen illustrating where most people look when taking a selfie) Don't do that..or your photos will look like the bottom row on the previous image. So my ipad is in the vertical position. The home key will be on the bottom. See that little black dot at the top of your ipad/iphone? That’s your camera..that’s where you look when you take a selfie photo.

A little about lighting...you don't need anything fancy to take a nice selfie. I use natural light and I do the same thing when taking photos for portrait commissions. My favorite spot ( outdoor studio 😉) is my covered deck. The lighting is controlled so even on a very bright sunny day I can get nice soft or more even lighting. TIP: Never use your flash when taking a selfie or any photos for that matter.

Never take a photo with the light behind you...you're not sure? If your photos look like image 6 turn around and try again. 😉

This was taken in the same spot as image 6... I just turned around. 😊

So you need to squint it’s so sunny? TIP: If you are near a tree try taking your selfie under it ( in its shadow, believe me there will be enough light to get a nice selfie)

You can use this same concept indoors...take you selfie in front of a window with natural light coming in. If it’s too bright..back up a little or if you have sheers/blinds/or shutters adjust them to control the light coming in. Turn off all the house lights that will interfere with your photo.

My selfie in image 10 was taken in bright morning light but diffused by my covered deck curtains and I stepped back a bit so I’m washed in light but it’s even. (Fyi your colors will look warmer in bright sunlight vs an overcast day )

Don't take you iphone/ipad and put it way up high looking down. You’ll get more camera distortion than anything. You can always crop your photo later if you just want a head shot.

Last but not least for a nice decent selfie..don't forget to smile. You don't have to smile like the cheshire cat (like I do..lol) But do relax your mouth and eyes...I always pretend I am looking at my hubby. ☺️ Now go take some super amazing selfies. 🙋

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