The differences between these wavy BelleTress wigs!

June 08, 2021

The differences between these wavy BelleTress wigs!

From a customer email:

How does the Vienna Roast and the Biscotti Babe compare to Belle Madames Carlotta? I love the idea of the lack of permatease with Biscotti babe; any feedback on the similarities and differences between Carlotta and the two BelleTress wigs? As usual, thank you so much for your help! 

Carlotta is shorter. That is the biggest difference. Carlotta SF by Belle Madame is a seasonally available style that is slightly longer than chin length.

Carlotta SF by Belle Madame.

The M&M is the BelleTress style closest in overall length to the Carlotta, but Carlotta is wavy and M&M is more of a round barrel curl.

A fetching side shot of M&M by BelleTress.

Vienna Roast is more of a shoulder-length deconstructed corkscrew curl with all the points facing downward.

The back of Vienna Roast by BelleTress.

Biscotti Babe is a tiny bit longer than Vienna Roast, but the curls are more traditional, softer, and a bit bigger than the Vienna Roast (but not as big as the ones on M&M, which is a Marilyn Monroe cut.) Biscotti Babe is essentially the ideal length for a "lob" on most women.

The back of Biscotti Babe by BelleTress.

Another thing people wonder is how something like Vienna Roast compared to their new Amaretto wig.  

The back of Amaretto by BelleTress.

Amaretto has an even more deconstructed wave! The shape of the wave is a corkscrew, like with Vienna Roast, but it is even more relaxed on the Amaretto -- and the Kona, by extension, since they have the same wave pattern, just different cuts. Kona isn't a "lob." Instead, it is more of a wavy shag/bob hybrid cut.  

The back of Kona by BelleTress.

Columbia has the most relaxed wave of them all. It is big, flowing, and very open. This wig is also a little longer than the other "lobs" because it isn't as tightly curled. This gives Columbia a sloppy chic Boho vibe that the others do not share.

The back of Columbia by BelleTress.

I hope that helps clarify things a little! :)

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