What is a topper?

October 16, 2019

What is a topper?

By Eseandre

Hair loss is real, and it’s enough to dampen even the most confident woman’s spirit. Thinning hair, alopecia and baldness are common problems that women suffer from. The conditions are caused by a variety of factors such as hormone drugs, birth control pills, prescription medications, stress, anxiety and improper use of hair care products. And in severe cases, it can be a sign of depression. However, there are a number of solutions to help those coping with hair loss regain a sense of normalcy and to look and feel they're very best. One of those solutions is a topper. What is a topper? Well, it’s not sprinkles or the cherry on a sundae. It’s a little clip-in wig that can be attached to a portion of your head where the hair is thinning out. They are also known as hair enhancers, wiglets, and hair toppers. They are not just excellent in covering thin hair strands but they can also give your hair a natural, voluminous boost and add length. They are miniature wigs that are perfect for solving your hair problem without any hassle.

Hair Toppers buying guide

Before you decide to buy a topper, there are certain factors to consider and they are:

Determine your Hair Loss Region

Since hair toppers are a smaller and lighter version of a wig, they’ve been designed to cover up specific areas of the head. So you’ll have to determine which portion of your head needs it the most. If you’re in the early stages of hair loss or thinning at the crown and in parting areas of the head, a top piece wiglet is the best to cover and blend into your natural hair. It can create an even color and texture for you as well. If you’re dealing with hair loss at the temple or front of the head, clip-in fringe is a great option. It adds volume, and it’s easy to fix or remove. It’s also can work with any length of hair. For women in the late/advanced stages of hair loss, a full head wiglet is available and it the only option to cover up your hair loss with feeling heavy or bulky. But keep in mind that if you have very fine, brittle or delicate hair, this is probably not a good option for you because you have to clip these pieces in. You might want to consider a wig at this point or an option that uses an adhesive.

Topper hair type options

They are two main categories to choose from –synthetic and human hair wiglets. Synthetic wiglets are already styled and come in different colors to enhance your style with stress. These wiglets are easy to style allowing you to carry on with your daily activity without any worry. Human hair toppers give you a softer natural look, but they require some effort in taking care of the hair. They are affected by weather changes, needs shampooing, conditioning, and have to be styled, but they have a more natural finish than synthetic toppers. Note: they are more expensive but worth the investment.

Hair length

Whatever your style is, toppers come in different lengths to make your hair fantasies come true. The length of the wiglet represents your style. You can choose from the long and sleek look, medium length toppers, and the short and flighty toppers.

The hair color

Hair toppers won’t match your exact hair color, but you can get one that closely resembles and blends well. They also come in a wide range of colors and with highlights, too. If you opt for human hair, it might be possible to have a stylish dye the piece if you want an exact match. Don’t try to do this yourself—unless you just happen to be a professional stylist.

The topper base

There are two types of bases – monofilament and the weft base. A monofilament base has individual hair strands sewn on a soft mesh giving the illusion of the hair growing from the scalp. This type of base is helpful to women experiencing advanced and extensive hair loss. The weft base has the hair strand arranged in a row which allows you to integrate your natural hair through the mesh creating a natural look. The weft base is breathable and very lightweight.


The hair topper should settle comfortably on your hair and allow you to style it as you please. However, if you still have questions and are not sure about the direction in which you should go,!You can see all of Eseandre's posts.

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