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Our sweet little Fallon is a deliberate 2020 upgrade to one of our favorite style trends: the modern shattered bob with textured fringe.  We love cute, classic bobs.  They're universally flattering and versatile as can be.  They look great for every occasion!  All colors on Fallon are made with famously, fabulously silky BelleTress Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber.  The 100% hand-tied lace front and monofilament middle part will give your hair a much more realistic top-down appearance, and the heat-friendly fiber gives you ultimate control over the curl and volume of the style.

***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE READ***  This is a PRE-SALE listing.  The shipment is not expected to arrive until October 2020.  By purchasing now, you consent to us capturing the payment immediately in exchange for reserving your wig.  Times are tough.  We want to bring these to you due to how much people love them.  Doing things this way will allow us to do this and give you the chance to snag one before they arrive!  Thank you in advance for understanding!  ❤️


- Part of the CysterWigs x BelleTress Collection

- Limited edition style collaboration from BelleTress and CysterWigs.com

- Personally designed by Heather at CysterWigs.com

- I (Heather) selected a collection of the most popular BelleTress colors as well as some of my rare favorite colors to bring them to you in another cute style!

- We are also offering Fallon in some of our custom colors (all are premium silky heat-friendly fiber)

- 100% hand-tied lace front

- 100% hand-tied center monofilament part

- Fringe is cut to be easy-to-wear without additional trimming

- Open-wefted in back with lots of stretch

- Made of heat-friendly Futura synthetic fiber to give you the most control over the curl, texture, and volume of the hair

- Light, realistic hair density

- Length is great for heat-friendly fiber (not too long)

- Average cap size (can easily accommodate petite-average to average-large cap sizes for maximum fit versatility)

- Fringe: 4", Side: 11.5" - 14" (heavily layered), Nape: 4"

- Overall: 14"

- Weight: 4.34 oz

- ONLY at CysterWigs.com!


Hi there!  Heather here.  I designed Fallon as a wig enthusiast with other wig enthusiasts and collectors in mind.  My inspiration for this style was my love for the concept of styles like Alexi by Noriko, and I consider this our store's version of that kind of cut, with all the upgrades I wanted and none of the features I didn't like.  I am a full-time, real-life wig wearer who does not want to settle for minimalist cap features in my daily wig wear.  I made Fallon to make a version of this style that *I* would want to wear in real life.  Hopefully you'll like her too! 

Fallon is the answer to all of my critiques of its predecessors. 

1) Fallon is heat-friendly.  The power is literally in your hands to make this shattered beauty look however you want. 

2) The fringe on Fallon is made to be worn down, but is a perfect length for most people to wear without additional trimming. 

3) Lace front:  Want to style her off the face?  Go right ahead!  :) 

4) 100% hand-tied monofilament part:  No kinky permatease on the part of our Fallon.  She looks natural and modern right out of the box.  (She does have some light permatease, but it is concealed by the hair when parted correctly.)

5) Natural hair density and crown volume:  This wig is lightweight on, and looks extremely natural and high-end from every angle. 

6) Attention to detail to create a comfortable, versatile cap:  We modified the adjustability of the cap on Fallon to comfortably accommodate most wig wearers, regardless of head shape or size.  The sizing of this has been tested to fit petite-average to average-large.  The perimeter has generous amounts of elastic with an average ear-to-ear, meaning that the ear tabs will not come down too low (or too high) on most wearers. 

7) Curl on this style has more layering and depth than the style that inspired it. This will give it a modern, playful, feminine appearance with very natural movement. 

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