Holographic Blonde Rooted

SPECIAL EDITION COLOR FOR PRIDE 2021: Inspired by the colors of spring, LGBTQIA+ Pride, and the metallic hologram stickers that were on everyone's favorite Trapper Keepers back in the day, we are proud to offer our exclusive color for Spring 2021: Holographic Blonde-R! 

SHOWTIME, SYNERGY! About Holographic Blonde-R: This is our original Harlow Blonde-R with custom vertical color shifting transitional highlights. Dark honey blonde roots softly melt into a blend of light creamy beige champagne blonde and icy platinum blonde. Then, for something truly, truly, truly outrageous, we added a "shine line" of holographic rainbow highlights that transitions vertically down the hair shaft from red to peach, pink, magenta, purple, cerulean, teal, and green. We give it a little break of blonde, then duplicate it a second time down the shaft for extra drama. It looks like a bold, proud, jewel toned bird of paradise on uncurled styles. When the hair is curled, the rainbow seems to take on an iridescent holographic quality! It truly needs to be seen in person to appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of the color positioning and the way each color melts into the next.