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All of Freeda's wigs are sublime works of art with one of a kind attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship. CysterWigs is on a mission to bring you only the finest human hair on the market. We only carry the best human hair so you never need to guess. Our philosophy is that your money should be spent well, especially when you're looking into premium wigs. 

CysterWigs is a Freeda affiliate. We do not sell these products directly from our store. Clicking the button on this listing will redirect you to the Freeda website. A representative of their store will aid you in the selection of your preferred color and style. Freeda is also very open to sending multiple items at once so you can select the one you like the best. You can send the rest back once you make your final selection. We are super happy to make this service available to customers with discerning, high-end taste who want only the best!

Hit the "Learn More" button to see Freeda's glorious natural colors and to talk to a representative of Freeda for your product questions. 


About Freeda: Freeda Kugel was born into a large and loving Jewish family in prewar Ukraine. After World War II, she moved to Israel where she married and continued nurturing a childhood dream: To bring a new level of sophistication to women’s beauty.

Arriving in New York in 1964, Freeda trained as a hair and wig stylist. With the guidance of her life mentor and the support of her family, she began innovating with custom hair, experimenting with color matching and creating wigs that were beautifully human in every way.

In 1993, Freeda opened a factory in Ukraine, blending three decades of personal passion with a team of expert crafters who could help her vision grow even more.

Today, Freeda European custom wigs continue to set the standard of versatile beauty and lasting excellence, adding a little extra brightness to every day. Freedas are sold directly in our New York showroom, online and through hundreds of stylists in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia and Israel. Freeda Kugel still owns and directs her company. She divides her time between our New York corporate offices and the thriving factory in Ukraine, ensuring quality output and continued innovation at both ends.



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