A note about Human Hair Wigs

Notes about human hair wigs 

This is an investment. Human hair can be expensive up front but are a great long-term investment for anyone who needs a wig for an extended period of time. It will look and feel amazing, no matter what the angle or lighting scheme! Human hair wigs last substantially longer than a synthetic wig under the same wear conditions. You can expect 9 - 12 months of full-time wear with gentle care and the proper products. Is not uncommon for people to get multiple years of wear from a great quality Remy human hair wig.  

Most human hair wigs DO NOT come pre-styled. Unlike synthetic wigs (which are by default styled in the factory and ready-to-wear prior to being shipped), human hair wigs cannot be worn right out of the box. They are essentially a blank canvas. Please anticipate that they will require styling, washing, and perhaps even a trim from a competent stylist before they can be ready for wear. 

Care and maintenance tip: Human hair wigs often look and feel their best with frequent moisturizing treatments and periodic application of protein filler to prevent breakage. Also, blow drying your human hair wigs straight with good quality, wig safe styling products and a styling brush can go a long way towards making your hair happy! Always be sure to use products specifically made for application on wigs! (No Pantene, folks!) 

Texture and color may vary from wig to wig. This is a biological, organic product. Please allow for natural variances to occur in both color and texture of the hair. This is completely unavoidable. Each human hair wig is as individual and special as the person who grew that hair.

Lighter colors often require considerably more care and conditioning. Unless this is virgin European hair, most of the human hair wigs sold today are Asian, Indian, or Brazilian hair. These may vary in texture and denier, but they have one thing in common -- they are all very dark! These usually start out at a 1b (black) or a 2 (dark brown) and then have to be lightened to achieve other colorations. The lighter the color, the more dramatic this process is. Be kind to your blonde human hair wigs if you expect them to last!

Color process this hair at your own risk. With only a handful of exceptions, almost every human hair wig on the market is dyed using industrial textile dye. (This is the exact same dye used in synthetic wigs of the same color, though results differ because of the chemical base of the fiber -- one is an organic fiber, the other is petroleum based.) This type of dye is used specifically because it will not fade like human hair dye. It is this exact durability of color that makes these pigments VERY difficult to remove from the hair. These pigments also react unpredictably when exposed to new chemicals. (Make sure you use wig specific care products on your human hair wigs for this reason!) ALWAYS consult with a professional colorist before attempting to color your new human hair wig. Please do not attempt to color this hair on your own - particularly if you plan to lighten the hair, which can be way more challenging than adding pigment!

The bottom line: human hair wigs are the most expensive and trickiest kind of wigs to take care of...but they look and feel the most realistic and last longer than any other type of wig, provided you take proper care of them! :)