About toppers with built-in clips

A note about toppers with built-in clips: We recommend these kinds of complimentary hair solutions only for individuals with strong, healthy hair near the front hairline and perimeter of the top of the scalp where the clips are adhered.

These clips are used to anchor the topper to your scalp, which can add stress to the root of the hair where attached. The built-in clips can snag on, pull, and even break off/pull out fragile hair, making alopecia worse.

If you do not have particularly healthy hair in the areas where the clips attach to the scalp, try switching to full wigs or use adhesive tape to adhere the hair piece directly to your scalp so you don't have to use the clips.  

- Pros: excellent body and volume, lots of hair, beautiful colors, and more styling versatility than a full wig (you can wear the hair up in a high ponytail or bun, for example)

- Cons: can be heavy and the clips can pull out or break fragile hair on the top of the head