Anti-Wardrobing Policy

CysterWigs maintains an active anti-wardrobing policy. "Wardrobing" is the practice of buying an item online with no intention of keeping it - generally clothing or expensive apparel, such as wigs - using it for an event, night on the town, or video blog - and then returning it. THIS IS FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR. (Specifically, it is a form of return fraud.) Wardrobing costs online retailers billions of dollars per year and that cost ends up being shifted onto the honest customers who buy their products. We think that's unfair all the way around. In the effort to keep our prices down, we do our best to ferret out "wardrobers" by limiting and/or eliminating excessive returns. (So if you've ever wondered why online wig retailers have such strict return policies - now you know why. It has been reported that up to 1 in 6 orders purchased via online retailers ends up being returned due to wardrobing behavior.)

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