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please expect shipping delays due to Covid-19. 
We will help you stay on top of this as news comes in. is still open for business and is taking every possible safety measure to keep you safe and healthy as you shop for hair. 

Safety measures in place include, but are not limited to: 
- Social Distancing: Our entire team is working remotely from their homes with the exception of a single warehouse employee who is shipping packages and processing returns
- Intentionally slower returns processing: Sunlight and time kill this virus. For the safety of our team members and our clients, we are holding all returns for a full seven days prior to inspecting them. Please note that we WILL NOT expedite this process for any reason, as this is a deliberate safety measure for all involved. 
- Product holding: Likewise, we are deliberately holding onto products at our main warehouse before they ship to ensure that the contents have not been contaminated at some point in their supply chain. This includes the new Phoenix, which we have received and are holding onto to allow enough time to pass for any potential viruses to expire. (Note: This does not apply to drop shipped orders, but you can approximate this on your end by letting the product sit for a day or two before opening. Be sure to wash your hands after removing external packaging, and you're golden.)


We also suggest that you play it safe, as well, by holding any products you receive via mail sit for a couple days before handling. And, of course, make sure you wash your hands after removing the external packaging. 


We're here for you and we have your back. Play it safe. Have fun with the hair. We'll all get through this together.  ♥ - Heather