CysterWigs Dud List

Here are the reasons why we pull an item off the site, even if it's still being made: 

1) The price is too high relative to the quality. (We will, however, make exceptions if the wig is cute enough in real life that someone would be willing to pay that kind of price for it.)

2) The color/style combination exposes the cap features underneath to a degree that styling the hair is impossible. 

3) They are returned more often than they're kept by customers in any 6 month period. 

4) No one bought it. (Fewer than five units sold in any six month period.)

5) Product quality inconsistent with the rest of that brand's products (in a negative way).

6) Low customer product ratings or too many bad customer reviews.

Minimizing our product catalog does cost us some business, but we're in this for the long haul. Folks also come back to thank us, months or years later, because they realized too late that we could have saved them from some seriously overhyped hair. We like our system because it shines a bright spotlight on the best performing and most highly regarded wigs offered by the name brands we carry. We're doing a lot of the vetting, testing, and investigation so you don't have work too hard to find your new 'do. 

This process also takes time. We are often a little slower to add new products to our site than competing stores. Heather insists on personally inspecting a sample of each new style to see if we should add it to the store. This can take some time. We also hesitate if we feel that there is not adequate inventory of that product at launch, as that is almost a guarantee for FOMO buys and lots of returns. Our store is the place to go if you want to avoid that kind of stress. Hangout, unwind, and shop for your hair here at CysterWigs.