Why doesn't CysterWigs carry XXX wig or color?

Short answer: Usually, it's because no one bought that item or color in the past six months. Or, worse, people bought it and returned it more often than they kept it. 

Our stance on this is that the customers make these decisions for us with their shopping choices. 

More comprehensive answer about why we pull an item off the site, even if it's still being made: 

1) The price is too high relative to the quality. (We will, however, make exceptions if the wig is cute enough in real life that an average reasonable person would be willing to pay that kind of price for it.)

2) The color/style combination exposes the cap features underneath to a degree that styling the hair is impossible. 

3) They are returned more often than they're kept by customers in any six month period. (Above 50% return rate in any six month period.) 

4) No one bought it. (Fewer than five total units sold in any color in a six month period.)

5) Product quality inconsistent with the rest of that brand's products. (IE: if a large-scale pattern emerges that a product or brand diminished quality to save money; epic wide-scale manufacturer recirculation of returns and any other dramatic compromise to overall quality and/or hygiene is also considered here. )

6) Low customer product ratings or too many bad customer reviews. (Average review score of 2.0 or below over a six month period.)

7) The style is very new and we're still testing it. (Usually only applies to styles that are radical departures from the typical products released by that brand.)

8) It hasn't been released yet. (Many competing stores rush to list things on their websites even if those products cannot be shipped for several weeks, or even months. We try to disclose this information on our site any time an item cannot ship immediately.) 

9) The required product copy and/or images provided by the manufacturer do not match the product. (Only applies to brands that require us to use their product descriptions and/or images; we will modify, correct, or supplement when allowed.) 

10) It isn't being made any more. (Obvious, but true.)

11) Site glitch, such as inventories not synching properly. (Rare, but it happens.)

12) The product does not fit our target demographic, which is broad and inclusive, but still focused. (FTR: Our target demo is women with PCOS, any income level, any ethnicity or race, any religion, and any sexual orientation. The real limiting factor is AGE. The age range of our target demo is a professional and pre-menopausal 25 - 55. Most online wig stores either cater to women who are much younger or older than this age group, which is why we work so hard to make a place where Cysters in the middle can shop for their hair with confidence. That being said, we happily invite "Honorary Cysters" of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds to partake in our styles and collections if they have similar taste in wigs. After all, we can all learn best when we listen to each other's experiences with the products!) 

13) Lucky number 13 -- it's been 86'd by the manufacturer. (In other words, it's discontinued.) 

Minimizing our product catalog does cost us some business in the short-term, but we're in this for the long haul. Folks also come back to thank us, months or years later, because they realized too late that we could have saved them from some seriously overhyped hair. 

As customers, you're doing a lot of the vetting, testing, and investigation. We'd be silly not to put that information to work for you. The result is a stream-lined, more pleasant shopping experience. You can relax knowing that the wigs here are popular and genuinely loved by our customers. 

And, if it seems like all our reviews are 4-or-5-star, just know that's not a fluke! We try to kick all the clunkers off our island so you don't have to worry about what you're about to buy. Once you understand how we use your collective preferences to manage our catalog, you can use this information to your advantage. I mean, it's easier to avoid things that no one buys if you can see that it isn't listed here.

Our store typically does these product purges every year in June (Q2) and December (Q4). It is a process that can take several weeks to complete. We feel it's worth the effort if it helps you see that cream rising to the top!

Please feel free to visit our site as often as you need to as a reference for opinions and popularity of the products here, even if you ultimately shop elsewhere. (Though, we hope you will consider buying from us so we can get to know what you like!)