Estimated Wig Life Spans

* These are estimates and not guarantees. They are designed to help customers formulate realistic expectations of how long their wigs can be expected to last in a full-time wear scenario.

Full-time wear is being defined here as a five day week of at least six hours of continuous wear in a low-heat, smoke-free environment. These estimates assume that proper care techniques were employed. Individual results may vary. 

We know that some people are going to get more useful wear out of this wig than indicated and some of you will get less. We have done our best to figure out what the median length of time would be and used that to produce the range indicated. We want to provide our customers with a realistic idea of how much wear they can expect out of a given item.

Rather than sell you on gimmicks and false promises, we want to offer you more realistic expectations so you can be a more informed consumer. We hope you find it helpful!  :)