Finding the Right Wig for Your Face Shape

Your hair can often make you look years younger INSTANTLY!


Do you need help finding a wig to suit your face and style?

Here’s the truth about face shapes: almost nobody is a perfect heart, circle, square, or any other narrowly defined category. Most faces are a combination of a few different shapes: rounded chins and tall foreheads, angular features and tapered jaws, and so on.

Trying to pick just one stock image out of a lineup can feel impossible. What you want is the shape that looks the most like yours — even if your chin is a little more pointed than the “typical” oval, or your forehead a little wider than the “usual” inverted triangle. These are all just guidelines to help you determine how to balance and complement your features, not unbreakable rules.

If you have an oval, round, heart, triangle or square shaped face, this face shape guide will help in letting you know which hairstyles to focus on when shopping!

1) First, you will need to determine your face shape. You can do that by using our handy-dandy flow chart and viewing the celeb pics below. This is a great place to start!

NOTE: This is all about bone structure and not about how much you weigh. Not all full faces are automatically "round"! If you're unsure, you may want to take your facial measurements first (length and width) so you can remain objective. ;)



2) Read some more about the face shapes to determine what best describes you. We've also provided style suggestions for each face shape to help you better tailor your search. :)

Round: If you have a round face, your face will be about as wide as it is long. This may vary a little where your face is not quite as wide as it is long, but usually pretty close. Chins are generally soft, rounded, and not particularly pronounced. This face shape often has a sweet, sunny, somewhat youthful appeal with perky cheeks when you smile. Contrary to popular belief, people can have round faces and still be skinny and voluptuous women can often have other face shapes, too! So, be careful to make sure you aren't assuming this is the right face shape just because you have some curves. Click HERE for details & style suggestions!


Square: Very similar to a round face shape except square faces have a characteristic strong, angular jawline. The face measures about the same from top to bottom as from side to side. The recommendations are similar triangular faces. Click HERE for details & style suggestions!


Triangle and Pear: Jawlines and cheeks are full and pronounced with noticeable narrowing towards the forehead.  We recommend triangles follow the same suggestions as squares, since you're all trying to minimize and accentuate the same parts! Click HERE for details & style suggestions!


Oblong and Rectangle: Your face is longer than it is wide. Your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all the same width. The only difference between the two is that oblong faces have a rounded jawline, while rectangles have a square, angular jaw. Because your face is longer, we suggest avoiding cuts that end at the chin. Most bob cuts are out...unless they're "lobs." Then, game on! Click HERE for details & style suggestions!


Heart and Inverted Triangle: Heather from the CysterWigs YouTube channel has a heart-shaped (or inverted triangle-shaped) face. This face shape is longer than it is wide. Your jawline is  pointed and is the narrowest part of your face. Many heart-shaped faces have a "widow's peak" hairline.The heart-shaped face is wide at the temples and forehead, full at the cheeks and narrow at the chin. Click HERE for details & style suggestions!


Oval and Diamond: Oval is considered the "ideal" face shape in our society. (Lucky you!) Your face is symmetrical and has length equal to one and a half times width. Diamond is similar in that it is widest at the cheeks and narrow at the forehead and jaw. The only difference between the two is that diamond faces have pointier chins. These are the most versatile face shapes of the bunch. You can basically pull off any wig in our store! Click HERE for details & style suggestions!



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