Free wigs for contest

This contest is now closed. You may follow which wigs were selected by our winners, as they will be colored in RED text. 
We are not disclosing who selected which wig, as we had several anonymous entries and want to honor their privacy. :)
All unselected items will be held for the next time we do this!

New Condition = never been worn, washed, combed, etc.

Henry Margu Amber (similar to Winner open capped pixie by Raquel Welch) in 7H (similar to Estetica's Caramel Kiss)

Henry Margu Monica Petite (Monofilament top/lace front) in 5H (similar to Noriko's Toasted Brown)

Niki by Sepia in F14/24 (Dark honey blonde)

Luscious headband by Easihair (Jon Renau) in 24BT18

Scene Stealer heat-friendly synthetic (monofilament top/lace front) by Raquel Welch in RL12/16 ("Honey Toast")

Angelica by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R 

Put On Pieces (HairUWear/Dancing With The Stars) 18" Clip-In heat friendly synthetic Extension in R830 (Ginger Brown)

Robin by Noriko in Nutmeg-F

Seville by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R

Sepia Doll in 1B (Off-Black)

Sepia Doll in Lavender

Sepia Doll in Orange

Sepia Doll in Light Blue

Sepia Cindy in Angel Breath

Blush Kharma in Cool Blue



Almost New Condition = have been worn, washed, combed, etc. at least once; still cosmetically perfect

Noriko Avery in Nutmeg-R

Jon Renau Jessica in 30A27S4 (Shaded Peach)

Rene of Paris Kennedy (discontinued style) in Ginger Brown

Angelica by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R (we have two of these: one new [see above], one only tried on!) 



Excellent Condition = Almost cosmetically perfect, no obvious signs of damage

Estetica Brigitte (monofilament top) in R6LF29 (discontinued color)

Rene of Paris Cameron in Razberry Ice

Noriko Reese in Chocolate Swirl

Jon Renau Professionnel Brooklyn (salon exclusive) (monofilament top/lace front) in 30A27S4 (shaded peach) *mono top is a little thin but hair is in fabulous condition, FYI


Good Condition = some signs of wear, thinning, or other kinds of damage, but damage is not apparent when you wear the wig

Jon Renau Gisele (monofilament top/lace front) in 30A27S4 (shaded peach) *overall the wig is in amazing condition and looks good on; has small tears in monofilament top that are NOT visible from the exterior of the wig when worn

Jon Renau Pin Up in #2 

Noriko Avery in Burnt Sienna-R (someone tried to cut bangs in it; bangs may need trimmed; rest of hair looks perfect and very pretty color!)

Jon Renau Drew (Heat-Defiant) (monofilament top/lace front) in 4/27/30