Heart & Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Heart & Inverted Triangle: This face shape is longer than it is wide. Your jawline is  pointed and is the narrowest part of your face. 

The Gist: Many heart-shaped faces have a "widow's peak" hairline. Inverted triangles have a relatively straight hairline, by comparison. (This is the only real difference between them.) Heather from the CysterWigs YouTube channel has an inverted triangle-shaped face. The these face shapes are wide at the temples and forehead, full at the cheeks, and narrow at the chin. 

Heart-Shaped Celebs:  Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, Kristen Stewart, or Reese Witherspoon

Heart & Inverted Triangle Face Strategies: This is typically a short, wide face shape with a pointy chin. Because of this, you will want to add height at the crown and keep volume on the sides of the head to a minimum. Short layering near the face will easily overwhelm this face shape because of the way it tapers naturally towards the jaw. Shags are typically a no-go. Instead, focus on traditional bobs, styles with long layers (longer than the jaw) in the front, and pixies with volume at the crown to add height. 

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