How to request exclusive product refills (it's 100% free)

Hi there, Wig Lover! I (Heather at CysterWigs) have been developing exclusive products and colors for this store for almost two years now. I want to give you more control over the items we create, the colors and styles we refill, and what we prioritize when we manufacture our wigs. 

It's super helpful to us when you let us know what you'd be willing to buy if it came back in stock. This is 100% free and all it requires is an email or cell phone number. If you're an international client who would like to see a specific product in our Amazon store, this is also a great way to signal that, as well. (Just be sure to sign up for email notice instead of text. We don't send text alerts beyond the USA due to international rates.) 

Step 1: Go to the exclusive style of your preference.

Here's a link to the current options. Please note that we do not make the EUROLINE / Belle Madame, but this information will tell us what colors you'd like us to refill most frequently.

Step 2: Click on the color you're interested in.

If it is available, go ahead and buy it or add it to your wish list. If sold out, a form will pop up: 

In detail: 


Step 3: Fill out the form with a valid email, cell number, or both.

If you are not a newsletter subscriber but would like to sign up, you can do so by checking the blue box. 

Step 4: That's it!

This will let me know via reports on the back end which products people are the most interested in buying so I can prioritize making those based on demand. It will also make sure that you will get an instant notification the moment that we get more in stock! 

If you have any questions at all, please email us at