There a difference between a return and an exchange in this store

In our store, a return isn't just an item you send back to us. This is too vague, because exchanges are sent back to us too!

When we discuss the differences between returns and exchanges, we are specifically referencing the fact that an exchange is sent back to be exchanged for another product or store credit to be used at a later date. 

When we discuss a return, we are using this as an abbreviated way to describe a return for refund to original payment method, such as your credit card or PayPal account. 

This is a very important distinction at! We treat exchanges very differently than a return for refund to original payment method. 

We always charge a restocking fee for a refund to the original payment method. You must also pay for and provide you own return shipping. 

We don't charge any fees at all for an exchange. With an exchange, you only pay for return shipping at a discount rate.

Our policy is deliberately and transparently engineered to encourage you to select an exchange instead of a refund.

Why? Because return fraud is a major problem for online stores. This is a way to minimize our risk while also giving clients the flexibility to try products - without fees and in the privacy of their own homes - until they find what works best for them.