Our customers vote with their purchases and returns & we listen to them

Every year, we review sales and return stats to "trim the fat" in our online wig catalog to ensure that we're only selling the absolute best from all of the brands we carry. *We are NOT a generic, giant catalog site!* This attention to detail and consideration to what you actually like is a major difference between our store and almost every other wig store on the web. Our greatest loyalty is with our dedicated regular customers, and not the brands we carry. 

Our store only carries stuff that our faithful regular customers buy the most, ensuring that every product on CysterWigs.com is a winner. Plus, a smaller product catalog of only the most popular tuff makes it easier to shop. You don't have to guess about what's good. Our customers for 2019 have taken the guess work out of that for you! :)

I am also reviewing the catalog based on the returns to weed out any products with quality control issues or declines in production standards. If you notice that between now and January 1, 2020 that our store has gotten smaller, that is by design. We don't want to carry every wig we can possibly carry just to capture every possible dollar with the biggest possible net. Instead, we want to make our store the best for the people who already shop with us. Our loyal customers are the ones who pay our bills, and they are the ones whose voices count the most to us. They've voted with their purchases AND their returns.

I mean, let's face it: talk is cheap. It's easy to SAY you love a wig on social media...but it's a whole other level of commitment and caring when you take that leap of faith and put your money down to show your preferences in real life. We consider it an honor when people choose to shop with us, and we take customer choices about what they decide to actually buy (and keep) very seriously indeed. 

Our customers are the world to us.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Thank you for a wonderful 2019. Here's looking forward to even more cool and unique stuff for 2020!