Oval & Diamond Face Shapes

Oval and Diamond: Characterized by slightly wider, high cheekbones and gently tapered jaw and forehead, these are the most versatile face shapes. Either can wear most styles. 

The Gist: Oval is considered the "ideal" face shape in our society. (Lucky you!) Your face is symmetrical and has length equal to one and a half times width. Diamond is similar in that it is widest at the cheeks and narrow at the forehead and jaw. The only difference between the two is that diamond faces have pointier chins. These are the most versatile face shapes of the bunch. You can basically pull off any wig in our store! 

Oval Celebs: Raquel Welch, Ashley Greene, Jessica Alba, and Beyoncé

Diamond Celebs: Minka Kelly, Elizabeth Hurley, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Kidman

Oval & Diamond Face Strategies: The strategic goal of each face shape is to manipulate their features with makeup and hair style to approximate a look that is close to what you have naturally! That's right: all of these tips are to help others look more like they have an oval face shape. Since you already have that, you can get away with just about any style you want!

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