Photo Submission Policy

"Care To Share A Picture" Photo Submissions 

At CysterWigs. we believe whole-heartedly that nothing helps folks shop for wigs quite like seeing a photo of a REAL person (and not a model) wearing them in their real lives!

We have two primary galleries: 



Two ways to add content

1. #cysterwigs on Instagram

2. Earn up to 500 CysterWigs loyalty points* by sharing your images and videos when you review your purchases to share your opinion with our community. 

*CysterWigs store account required to earn and use CysterWigs Loyalty Rewards

We created our on-site and social media sharing galleries to help our clients share images of their favorite styles while helping others at the same time! You can inspire others and show off your amazing looks in real-world settings (with an emphasis on realistic wearability). 

Sharing Guidelines

Photos must be at least 462 pixels wide. Submitting photos at these dimensions will make them look their best!


Person(s) depicted in photos must be at least 18 years of age or have permission from a parent or legal guardian.


We can't accept any long distance, crowd, or overly dark or blurry photos.


We love seeing your wonderful wedding photos, but please get written consent from your photographer before uploading any photos with their watermark! We will need that permission in writing and contact information to verify this permission before we can upload it to our site or social media on your behalf.


Photos containing inappropriate or objectionable material will not be approved. This may consist of (but is not limited to):


Photos containing nudity, obscene, sexist, or racist material
Photos depicting drug use, drug paraphernalia, smoking or tobacco use, excessive drunken behavior, or weaponry of any kind
Photos containing logos or visible branding of other companies
Photos depicting behavior such as blatant promotions, proselytizing, or campaigning
Images under copyright, of which the rights are not owned by the submitting party
Excessively altered or Photoshopped images


Legal Matters

We claim ownership of all user-submitted content and reserve the right to use such content throughout the site, in marketing materials, or however else we see fit.
We reserve the right to disable or remove user-submitted content we feel is unacceptable for any reason. If you have questions about why something was removed, please contact us.