Spring 2016 (Gently Used) Wig Charity Giveaway!

THIS IS A CONTEST! Please share this with friends in need of hair!

- We're giving away 30 wearable wigs (with accessories too)! 

- You don't need to buy anything. In fact, you can't buy your way into entry because it defeats the whole point. 

- Entries can be completely anonymous...but bravery is highly rewarded via our point system!

- These are all high quality wigs in very wearable condition, ranging from good to excellent. 

- Winners will be assessed and ranked via a point system (see below for details). First place gets first choice, second gets next choice, and so on. 

- All wigs have been removed from their boxes to eliminate the possibility of resale. 

- Contest is only open to US applicants.

- Please send all entries directly to me (Heather) at contest@cysterwigs.com


1. Your choice of free wig
2. A Jon Renau plastic travel wig stand/dryer
3. A Jon Renau nylon wig cap
4. Even the shipping will be free!


A complete list of the wigs available and their condition

can be found at the bottom of this article. 


Hi there! Heather here!

I was going through my personal wig collection the other day as part of my Spring cleaning ritual and realized that I have a LOT of hair! I figured that a lot of these wigs would just sit around in my closet when they COULD be on someone's head. So, I want to give them away to a good home. 

We've also received numerous used wigs from generous donors who watch our YouTube channel. These wigs are also on the offer for this giveaway!


THE VIDEO (from the last time we did this):


- Check out the points below and come up with a combination you are comfortable with. I have come up with options that will make this as easy or as in-depth as you are willing to go - and you will be heavily rewarded in points for your courage!

- Make sure you include the name of my business in the title of your video or blog entry!

- Send it to me. (contest@cysterwigs.com)

- Voila! (It's a pretty easy contest, really!) 


How We Will Score This

Your entry needs to have the following to be complete:

- One option from category A 

- As many options as you like from category B


Category A - Type of Entry (choose ONE)

- A video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook = 50 points

- A blog post on a stand-alone blog that belongs to you or a friend = 30 points

- A public post on Facebook without a video = 15 points

- A written post submitted to us to be added to our CysterWigs store blog = 10 pts


Category B - Content(choose at least TWO)

- Your PCOS journey, whether or not it's hair related = 100 points

- Your history with whatever condition you have (not PCOS) = 75 points

- Why you enjoy alternative hair, whether or not you experience hair loss = 50 points

- Any other benefit that you might get from receiving free hair = 25 points

- How you found the CysterWigs website and/or YouTube pages = 25 points

- If you're a performer (drag, burlesque, theater, etc.) I would love to see pictures or videos of you in action! = 25 points

- Good grammar and spelling bonus; for entries that have few errors, if any = 25 points 

- Advice to other people struggling with what you have and/or hairloss = 20 points

- Concise writing (you said a lot with few words) bonus; for entries of 200 points or more that are 800 words or fewer = 20 points

- Details about your favorite wig or wig color = 15 points

- Details about your goals and how the hair fits into this plan = 15 points

- Why the donated hair would help you financially = 10 points

- Your favorite celebrity wig quote = 5 points (can only be used once)

- Your favorite inspirational quote = 5 points (can only be used once)

- Any other messages you might have for the CysterWigs audience that you think would be good for us to know about you = 5 points (can be used multiple times and is scored at my discretion)

***Please note: We do not score these based upon how heart-wrenching your story is. Just be honest and try to keep the tone helpful - because your entries will go a long way towards helping other people realize they aren't alone in this hair loss journey! It's a positive thing! :D***


Other things to keep in mind: 

- Please do not mention other stores or their prices in your entry or it will be disqualified.

- You don't have to plug my store. (Honestly.) While I would like the name of my business incorporated in the title somewhere to make it searchable, you do not need to discuss my business at all in the body of your entry unless you want to. 

- Winners will be selected February 14, 2016. Winners will be notified by email February 19, 2016. They will also be given their ranking so they know when they can begin selecting their wigs. Winners will be allowed to select their freebies based upon their scores, with the highest rank selecting first, etc. 

- If you win, you will only have 12 hours to notify us of your selection. Please have a primary and several secondary selections picked in advance in case your first choice is gone by the time it's your turn to pick. We want to get these processed and out to their new homes as quickly as possible, so the sooner you get back to us with your choice, the better!

PLEASE share this information with anyone you know who is need of free hair for medical, emotional, or financial reasons. :) 

Bon chance, everyone!


The used wigs and hair pieces that we're giving away

Condition - Excellent or Very Good:

- Easihair Smitten hair piece in color #51 (synthetic)

- Put on Pieces (Dancing with the Stars Collection) Go Go Girl! (Heat-friendly) 18" clip-in extension in color R8/30

- Shannon by Estetica in RH268 (synthetic, lace front, mono part)

- Cameron by Rene of Paris in Cayenne Spice (non-rooted) (synthetic)

- Kristen by Jon Renau (synthetic, lace front) in 30A27S4

- Grandeur by Gabor (synthetic) in GL8-10

- Scarlett by Jon Reanu (synthetic, lace front) in 27T613S4

- Parisian Bob (heat friendly synthetic, mono part) by Forever Young in Cinnamon

- Amal by Rene of Paris (synthetic) in Macadamia-LR

- Lynsey by Envy (human hair/heat friendly synthetic blend, mono top) in Creamed Coffee

- Acclaim Luxury by Gabor in G630+ (synthetic)

- Debby by Estetica in R6/27H (synthetic)

- Lulu Partial Monofilament by Noriko in Nutmeg-R (synthetic, mono part)

- Lulu Partial Monofilament by Noriko in Illumina-R (synthetic, mono part)

- Monica Petite by Henry Margu in 5H (petite cap, synthetic, mono top, lace front)

- Park Avenue Chic by Gabor in GL14-16 (synthetic, lace front, mono part)


Condition - Good:

- Opulence by Gabor (synthetic, lacefront, mono part) in GL38-48

- Robin by Noriko in Nutmeg-F (synthetic)

- Ava by Henry Margu (synthetic, lace front, monofilament top) in 6H

- Avery by TressAllure (synthetic) in CherryWood HL

- Sheila by Envy (synthetic) in Medium Grey

- Allure Large Cap (synthetic, large cap) in #51 


Condition - Used, but definitely wearable: 

- Upstage by Raquel Welch in R38 (hand-tied cap, synthetic, lace front)

- Orchid by Estetica in RT330RT4 (synthetic, mono part, lace front)

- Orchid by Estetica in RT330RT4 (synthetic, mono part, lace front) (we have two of these, so the duplicate listing is intentional!) 

- Heidi by Jon Renau in 8RH14 (synthetic, mono top, lace front)

- Hailey by Noriko in Burnt Sienna-R (synthetic) 

- Paulina by Henry Margu in 6H (synthetic, lace front)

- Adriana by Jon Renau in 32F (synthetic, lace front, hand-tied cap)

- Natalie by Jon Reanu in 27T613S8 (synthetic)