Square Face Shape

Square: A square face has angular lines (particularly on the edges of the forehead and the jawline) and is equally wide at the forehead, mid-face, and jaw. 

The Gist: Very similar to a round face shape except square faces have a characteristic strong, angular jawline. Also similar to a rectangular face shape, but without the length. The face measures about the same from top to bottom as from side to side. 

Square-Faced Celebs: Keira Knightly, Olivia Wilde, Geena Davis, Demi Moore, and Katie Holmes

Square Face Strategies: Crown volume and layering around the face are crucial for adding angles and depth to a square face. Avoid hair that is flat on top. Avoid curls or volume that begin in the mid-face, as this will make your face appear wider. Chin-length or longer layers around the face are great for softening an angular jaw. 

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