Triangle and Pear Face Shapes

Triangle & Pear: A triangle face shape is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows towards the forehead. Triangles have wide, angular jaws. Pears have wide, rounded jaws.

The Gist: Jawlines and cheeks are full and pronounced with noticeable narrowing towards the forehead.  

Triangle/Pear Celebs: Minnie Driver, Billie Piper, Kelly Osborne, Queen Latifah, and Nicole Ritchie 

Triangle/Pear Face Strategies: Short styles with lots of layering and volume on top (above the hairline) can balance the prominent jawline. Permatease is your friend, as it will help your style balance you out. Short layering on top and side swept bangs help add depth. Short layering in the front of short and mid-length styles will give you needed angles to your facial structure.  All-over layering in the front of longer styles will do this too, while also helping to provide a nice feminine "frame."

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