We do not maintain backorder lists for this product.

New policy as of 4/24/17

What does this sticker mean? 


The brands with this sticker on them do not adhere reliably to the estimated times of arrival (ETA) they provide for our clients, thus making it very difficult to avoid situations wherein these ETA dates slide back, often by several months at a time. To help our clients avoid the potentially frustrating situations that can occur when ETA dates slide back, we are no longer going to subject them to this experience and are no longer maintaining backorders on these products. We HIGHLY recommend contacting our Client Care Help Desk for any inventory inquiries prior to ordering this product: support@cysterwigs.zendesk.com.



So what happens if you should happen to order one of these wigs?

If this item is on backorder, we will contact you ASAP via our Client Care Help Desk. We will ask you to select an alternative color, take store credit for the balance of the order as we help you choose a replacement, or cancel the order outright. We will no longer offer the option to wait on backorder for these items, as the wait times on these products are very unreliable. 
Note: If you had an outstanding backorder on one of these items with us prior to 4/24/17 and have already agreed to wait -- no worries. We are still holding your place in line for those items.