Wig Lovers Unite Program FAQ

Thank you for introducing us to fellow Wig Lovers in your world! Before you spread the word, please take a moment to read through these helpful little details below.

(BTW: If you want the full legal rundown about our site, see our store's policies and mini-FAQ (including legal terms) HERE.) 


Why can’t I get my code for a 35% off reward? I’m getting an error message.

A few things might be happening:

  1. You have cookies or Javascript turned off.
    We know some people don’t like cookies, but our referral program requires that you have them turned on in order to track that you’re qualified to participate. Make sure you have cookies and Javascript turned on.
  2. We lost track of you.
    You might have tried to create an account without using the valid referral link that your friend sent you. Try making sure you have cookies turned on, click your referral link again, login to your new account, then go to https://cysterwigs.com/ to receive your new code.
  3. You referred yourself.
    We don’t allow self-referrals, silly!

Someone referred me and I created a new account, but I don’t see my code for a 35% off reward. Where is it?

We probably couldn’t tell that you clicked a valid referral link. First, make sure you have cookies turned on, then click your referral link again, login to your new account, and go to https://cysterwigs.com/ to receive your new code.

I referred some friends, but I’m not receiving any emails or rewards. What’s up with that?

Good things come to those who wait! This is not an instant process. We won’t contact you unless your friends make a qualified purchase and enough time has passed that we know they didn’t return their order. 

So what the exactly is a qualifying purchase?

A qualifying purchase is any first-time purchase from a brand new customer of our store valuing $150 or more after discounts are applied.

NOTE: Returned items and gift cards are not considered qualifying purchases.

Why isn’t my coupon code working??

First, make sure your order totals $150 or more. Then, be sure to select the ‘Apply a Discount’ link at checkout to apply your code. Also, make sure you’re using your coupon code within 6 months of issue.  Code still not working? Contact our customer support and we’ll look into it.


Am I eligible to participate?

You must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the United States or anywhere else that the law of residence permits. You must be a real person. You must not be the same person utilizing different email addresses. Referred friend must be a first time buyer. 

How many friends can I invite?

You can invite all the friends, family members, and coworkers you know, whether they normally wear alternative hair or not. (Because, you never know! The best wig is one you don't know about!)

Please be aware that you can only receive 35% rewards for up to 8 referrals total.

I referred someone. How long does it take to get my 35% off reward?

First, the friend you referred needs to make a qualifying purchase. Once they do and we make sure everything checks out, we’ll email you a coupon so you can redeem your 35% off reward. It usually takes about six (6) weeks after your friend makes their purchase. This is enough time for us to see if your friend returns the item. 

How long will my 35% off reward coupon code last?

For both the referrers and their friends who get referred, the coupon codes for 35% reward discounts will be usable for up to six (6) months from the date they were issued. Don’t forget to use them!

Can I use more than one coupon at a time?

Coupons cannot be combined at CysterWigs.com. (See our coupon policies for details.) You can only apply one coupon code per purchase of $150 or more. Also, please note that you cannot use your coupon code to purchase a gift certificate.


Don’t see the answer to your question? Let us know at support@cysterwigs.zendesk.com  and we’ll help!