Camille by TressAllure


Camille by TressAllure has long layers of soft hair and the natural appearance of real hair growth thanks to a 100% hand-tied monofilament top and lace front.


- 100% Hand-tied monofilament top 

- 100% Hand-tied lace front

- Average cap size with adjustable straps

- Fringe: 8.25", Crown: 15", Nape: 14.75"

- TressAllure synthetic fibers are "drier" fibers, which will appeal to a lot of you; the denier is baby fine and the shine is minimal - it looks very natural on!

- Weight:  4.8 oz  (relatively light for a wig of this length and density)

- Color Shown:  Velvet Cream, Silky Sand on client Amber


Camille was designed by Noriko Suzuki - a pioneer in the art of realistic synthetic wig design. She is world renown for her contributions to the wig world. She's the woman who brought rooted and gradient colors to wigs back in the late 1990s! (There's some wig trivia for you.) That other brand that sports her name is no coincidence. She was a designer there until they bought the rights to her every wig by that company since Ms. Suzuki's departure has been designed by someone else...while these TressAllure wigs are actually designed by the woman herself! So, that being said, Camille by TressAllure has long layers that begin below the chin and flow past the shoulders.  A lace front makes off the face styling natural, and the way that the front is designed encourages it to be open around the face and to fall gently in layers around the mid-clavicle. A hand-tied monofilament top allows the hair to be parted wherever it suits your tastes and will mimic the appearance of a natural scalp where parted.  This is a great feminine style that works equally well for at the office, on a date, or running errands. (TIP: like with all long wigs, we definitely suggest pairing with a good anti-static detangler or leave-in conditioner to help prevent tangles throughout the day.)

Vendor: TressAllure

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