Desiree by Henry Margu


Desiree by Henry Margu is a long, curly, fun wig with lots of sex appeal! Overall length on this one is 35"!


- Standard wefted

- Average size cap 

- Bang: 9.5", Crown: 5.5 - 14", Sides: 16.5 - 20", Back: 16.5 - 27", Nape: 27"

- 35" overall

- 7.1 oz

- Colors shown: 33H, 12AH


Desiree by Henry Margu is an extra long cascade of beautiful lustrous curls loaded with volume. It's triple curl styling is unique - it's only available in this wig! Henry Margu excels at making superior curly wigs - the fiber is soft and supple, never stiff. The curls will feel like a soft cloud of awesome wrapped around you, giving you deluxe bombshell body and volume. This is a must have wig for every girl who dreams of long curly hair.  This wig also has Henry Margu's exclusive highlighted colorations that add a touch of realism by using a darker base color with lighter highlights. A fun and beautiful wig - and one you won't find from any other line!

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