Dixie by Amore

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Dixie by Amore is an ultra-light classic pixie with a silky-smooth 100% hand-tied double monofilament top and a sweet little wisp of a bang. 


- Soft 100% hand-tied double monofilament top allows hair to be parted in any direction

- Double mono top isn't scratchy!

- Lightweight, silky synthetic fibers

- Average cap size with adjustable bands

Front: 3.5", Crown: 3", Nape: 2"

- Weight: 1.7 oz 

- Colors Shown: Light Chocolate and Spring Honey

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Dixie is as comfortable as she is easy to wear. The 100% hand-tied double monofilament top is very soft and means that Dixie won't be harsh or abrasive on a sensitive scalp. The monofilament material mimics the appearance of a natural scalp and allows the hair to pivot naturally on its axis—just as if it were growing out of your own head! This wig is feather-light with shake-and-go ease of wear.   

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