Fiona by Henry Margu


Fiona is Henry Margu’s modern monofilament bob. 


- 100% hand-tied monofilament top

- 100% hand-tied lace front

- Bang: 7, Eartab: 8 1⁄2, Nape: 6, Top: 51⁄4 9Sides: 71⁄2 81⁄2, Back: 6 81⁄2, Overall: 13”

- Weight: 3.3 oz

- Colors shown: 88H, 7H


Fiona has a monofilament top that allows you to part the style where you like. A lace front offers the versatility to elegantly sweep hair to either side or back off the face while looking amazingly realistic. Subtle layers towards the bottom and on the sides create movement and perfectly frame the face with effortless styling, creating a casual but classic style. Part of Henry Margu's fall 2014 collection.


Vendor: Henry Margu

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