Game Changer (Human Hair) by Raquel Welch

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Get a lot of volume in a little time with the Game Changer 100% hand tied monofilament hairpiece by Raquel Welch.


- 100% hand-tied monofilament base

Human hair is more expensive upfront but offers maximum styling versatility, the most natural appearance, and are longer-lasting.

- Base dimension: 5" x 5.25"

- Overall Length 16"

- Weight: 2.2 oz

- Color shown: R10 Chestnut


The 100% hand-tied base of Game Changer is paired with luxurious human hair to make any look possible. Create a completely different style or just add the crown volume you've always wanted. Place the front of the 5" x 5.25" base at the hairline or slightly behind to add coverage, bangs, or some extra fullness. This little hairpiece makes a big difference!

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