Gotta Be Kitten Me Beret by CysterWigs | Handmade Wool Art Hat

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CysterWigs knows that only the most realistic 3D kittens will satisfy our customers' refined taste in felines!  That's why we made this little fun number.  The Gotta Be Kitten Me Beret features a plucky tuxedo kitten in the eternal quest to seize her ball of yarn.  100% wool beret featuring hand-dyed kitten with a sweetly derpy 3D head and her blue ball of yarn.  This is a hand-made product.  No two will ever be exactly the same.  It's beautifully made and features delicate hand-stitched embroidery on top.  Our Gotta Be Kitten Me Beret is a fun statement piece that will make people smile.  Check out the pictures for the full scoop!

Materials:  100% Wool

Fit:  Will fit all average sizes, including average-large and average-petite.  Bobby pins advised if wearing with a full wig or head of hair.  This is a structured hat, so it isn't very stretchy.

Care:  Spot-wash only (please be gentle).

Best for seasons:  Spring, Fall, Winter.

Bare scalp comfort level:  Medium (Comfortable)


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