Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille


An exciting re-release of Jamila Hi with a mini-makeover! Say hello (again) to Jamila Plus, a best-seller by Ellen Wille; an open capped, lace front style with abundant volume, body and beautiful bouncy curls!


- Open cap 

- 100% hand-tied lace front

- Average cap size

- FABULOUS curly hair texture!

- TONS of body and volume!

- Lot of volume near the top, less in the back; this is great for fuller faces!

- Part of the Ellen Wille Hair Power collection.

- 3.6 oz.

- Front: 4 - 7", Crown: 3 - 8", Sides: 6 - 10", Nape: 3.5 - 9" (Measurements vary because of the intense curls - the important thing is to know it rests about the shoulders)

- Colors shown: Bernstein Rooted and Light Honey Rooted


Jamila Plus is a re-release Jamila Hi, one of my (Heather) favorite wigs from the Ellen Wille collection. The curls are luscious and the texture makes the style low maintenance! No need to comb (it will only frizz it out) and no need to fuss (it looks best slightly unkempt). Jamila Hi is perfect for anyone who ever dreamed of thick, curly hair in a cute, quirky style. The density of the ready-to-wear synthetic hair looks more like natural hair and requires little to no customization or thinning. (Though, take note that this may be A LOT of volume for smaller frames!) 

Note about Ellen Wille wigs: Ellen Wille wigs are imported from Germany. As such, it may take up to a week of additional processing and up to 14 days shipping for your item to arrive. Please plan accordingly!


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Vendor: Ellen Wille

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