Kendall by Naturally Yours by Henry Margu


Kendall is a beach-breezy keeper. This lace front, monofilament top, mid-length beauty has some of the softest waves available for this kind of style. 


- 100% hand-tied monofilament top

- 100% hand-tied lace front

- Average size cap 

- Bang: 7", Ear Tab: 10", Nape: 8", Top: 7"- 12", Sides: 8"- 10", Back: 8" - 10" Overall: 14.5"

- 3.55 oz

- Colors shown: 7H; 7H also shown on client Jacqueline; 26H on client Kim; 7H and 6H on client Lori; 24H18 on client Jill, 8/14H on client Lori, 6H on client Elizabeth, 24H18 on client Christine, 626H on client Angela


Mid-length wavy bobs are all the rage right now -- and Kendall has some of the prettiest waves of the bunch. (As a reference point: they are not as relaxed as those on Scarlett by Jon Renau, but aren't as corkscrew-curly as those on Jon Renau's Julianne.) The hand-knotted monofilament features and lace front make Kendall extremely realistic. (We love Henry Margu's densely threaded mono features!) This wig also features generous amounts of polyurethane at the perimeter and on the ear tabs. This is a secure, realistic, and relaxed style that is ideal for every day wear. 


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