Low-Key Chemo Cap by CysterWigs | Creamy Beige Color

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Our classic low-key chemotherapy hat is super-light and unlined to allow your scalp to breathe.  The fit is loose but secure, with a lot of built-in stretch all around for comfort.  Versatile creamy beige color goes with everything.  Coverage is full, meaning that this hat will look great no matter how much hair you decide to wear with it!

Materials:  Soft and stretchy polyester blend; unlined to keep bulk and weight to an absolute minimum.

Fit:  Stretchy.  Will fit all but the very smallest and very largest cap sizes.  Can fit over hair and halos; no pins or clips required.

Care:  Machine wash cold, inside out, delicate cycle.

Best for seasons:  All seasons, except coldest winter. 

Bare scalp comfort level:  High (Very Comfortable)


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