Polyurethane Lining Kit by Milano Collection

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We recommend the dark brown colored Polyurethane lining kit for brunette, rooted and open-capped wigs.  

Hate clips and combs? Want to customize your own wigs with a Polyurethane grip? 

  • The ultimate in wig comfort – Customize your wigs with soft polyurethane lining and grips.
  • Secure your wig or head covering in place without glue, tape, or wig clips - Eliminates headaches and discomfort
  • Premium soft material – Soft, lightweight, material for the utmost quality and comfort
  • Ultimate protection and security – The patented design provides grip at your scalp, hair, and edges
  • One size fits all – Polyurethane Lining Kit is customizable for the best and most comfortable fit
  • Two colors available! Dark Brown and Tan

The Polyurethane Lining Kit by Milano Collection is the ultimate in comfort and security. The ideal solution for hair-loss, alopecia, chemo/cancer patients or anyone with a sensitive scalp. It comes in two colors, Dark Brown and Tan to match virtually any wig cap. Simply follow the included instructions to customize any wig with a durable polyurethane lining and grips. 



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