Prismatic Starburst Beret by CysterWigs

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Burst onto the scene with jewel-tone sequins set in an eye-catching explosion with the Prismatic Starburst beret!  Magenta, amethyst, aqua, silver, and rose sequins are laid out in rayed concentric circles on a soft, stretchy black fabric beret.  Equally good for nights out, shopping, running errands, or just going for a walk.  Whatever you choose to do whilst wearing it, you'll certainly draw the eyes of those around you, and possibly a few compliments, too!  Wrinkle-Resistant.

Materials:  Round sequins on a light, soft, stretchy polyester outer. Unlined. 

Fit:  Very Stretchy.  Will fit all but the very smallest and very largest cap sizes. Can fit over hair and halos, no pins or clips required.

Care:  Hand-wash inside-out in cool water.

Best for seasons:  All seasons except winter and hottest summer. 

Bare scalp comfort level:  Medium (hat is unlined and has sequins; not recommended on sensitive bare scalps unless you wear a liner with it)


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