Route Shipping Insurance (Optional)

What is Route?

Route provides inexpensive shipping insurance protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. If your product never shows up, gets broken in transit, or is stolen from your porch, Route covers it!

Is Route a licensed insurance company?

Yes. We are partnered with the biggest name in shipping insurance. We’ve secured Lloyds of London as our insurance partner.

How much does Route cost?

The cost to shoppers is only around 1-3% of the cart value to fully protect you from lost, damaged, and stolen items.

Add Route to your cart at checkout to enable protection.

This is an optional add-on service provided for your peace of mind. You may remove it from your cart prior to checkout by simply hitting the “X” to remove it from your cart. cannot remove this from your order after-the fact. We also cannot add it to existing orders in the case that you forgot to purchase the coverage at the time of checkout.

Doesn’t UPS and FedEx already cover this?

The common misconception with shipping insurance is that the major carriers cover lost and stolen items. Even though some shipping carriers do cover SOME of the claims, it’s only up to $100 in value and once they leave the item on the doorstep they wash their hands of any liability. Even filing a claim that may fit in their responsibility is incredibly difficult with lackluster approvals and often is more frustrating and a hassle than worth it.

One-Click Claims

Filing a claim is nearly instant with Route.

You will receive an email from Route confirming that you elected to protect your shipment.

KEEP THIS EMAIL. A simple click on the included "File Claim" link in the email prefills your order info and the claim is filed as easy as that!

Fast Payment + Instant Payment Upon Approval + Automated Claim Handling

Route is making reimbursements easier than ever. Other insurance companies make you wait for a check in the mail. Route allows you to connect your bank account and get paid instantly upon claim approval.  

Claims are easy to file with Route.

You will receive an automated email with coverage details when you purchase Route with your order. KEEP THIS EMAIL. It is the easiest way to file a claim. offers this service, but it is up to you and Route to manage coverage and claims. This allows us to charge the minimum amount possible for coverage.

This service is being provided by Route, a 3rd party insurance provider. cannot manually process claims or move this process along for you. We provide this service as a courtesy to cautious consumers, but we are not directly involved. As such, charges the exact amount of money the coverage costs. We do not make a profit directly from providing this service. 

Does Route cover porch pirating/stolen items?

Yes! When orders are insured with Route, any item from that order stolen off of your porch are covered by Route (NOT even after the item is marked as delivered. 11 million Americans had packages stolen last year alone and with the increase in online shopping this number just keeps growing. 

Need to file a claim or have additional inquiries? Check out the Route FAQ on their website HERE.


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